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  1. Does this mean they are sending a mass update at that time?
  2. I wouldn't use those numbers to reflect the total number of admitted students at this point. Someone else mentioned previous years having 300-400 group members so there might be a bit of wiggle room. Something I have done to keep my mind at ease is plan for the worst case scenario (which is not getting in). Having a plan in place gave me peace of mind. The suspense provoked my anxiety but the uncertainty with what happens next is what fuels it. In attempting to figure that out, there have been significant decrease in worry
  3. Thank you! I appreciate all of your input. I will just play it by ear and figure out tuition if it gets there. I don't want to rush their decision process and interfere.
  4. The decision isn't to accept another offer it is something that just came up. So I understand if I was considering different offers but the reality is if I make this decision I won't be able to pay for tuition.
  5. I was hoping to get some advice. I don't want to intrude or increase Admission's workload right now but a few things have come up that I could use some advice with. I am still RFR but need to move forward with a decision (not law school related) by the end of the week. The decision is quite costly so I do not want to invest in it unless I am not admitted this year (hoping that is not the case). I would rather put the money towards tuition if admitted and all related moving expenses. What do you all think?
  6. It could be programmatic. Not sure but I don't think this will affect anything. Perhaps you should reach out to an advisor to let them know. Has anyone heard back yet? The wait is making me anxious lol
  7. I am not sure what you mean here. What was the status before RFR?
  8. Hi everyone! Did anyone else get accepted or hear back from admissions? Specifically those who have included a letter of extenuating circumstances.
  9. Hey everyone! Just checking in to see if anyone heard back or are still under review. Any coping strategies? How do we plan for a last minute acceptance?
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