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  1. Not super useful but I have yet to hear anything as well (similar stats as yours, I made a post 2 or so weeks ago asking about my chances which I think you commented on). I think @cmb94 is right and the wave hasn’t happened yet. I’m still holding out hope for us 🙏🏼
  2. @cmb94 those are some solid stats! And from Halifax too. And yes I suppose no news is better than a rejection, I’m just going to have to suck it up and keep in this mindset
  3. Any words of wisdom/advice/opinions on the current cycle might play out or my chances by anyone who has them would be appreciated. In regards to my app I was reassured by multiple friends currently at dal law that it was plenty competitive and I should sit back and relax. It’s now very late in the cycle, I’ve heard absolutely nothing and my mental health is lower than low. For context, I applied in December. Lsat 161, cGPA 3.2 and L2 3.71. Good LOR’s but only light EC’s due to the fact that I worked two jobs all through my undergrad to support myself which was touched upon in my personal statement. I’m also from Newfoundland.
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