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  1. 1. I think you should apply to more schools and not remain married to the idea that these schools are the end all be all. 2. Over-confidence seems to have been your downfall this time around..so how about we change that? I see in some of your replies that this hasn't happened yet as you are confident that reading some supplemental books, while having no PTs score that would actually be representative of your skill level, are enough to ensure your 170+ score.
  2. I created an account just to reply to this post because I saw so much of myself in it. 1 year ago I was in the exact same position as you. My parents were pushing me to apply to medical school since I was in middle school and in high school no subject stood out to me, so I just decided to pursue a Bio Sci degree in university. The entire four years... I was a mess. Everyday was consumed with worry over my future and dread over the years of grueling hard work I had ahead of me as an undergrad, then med student, then resident then doctor. All i did all day was worry about every exam i'd have to take to become a doctor and how much i wanted time to freeze so i wouldn't have to think about the future anymore. Unfortunately, life moves on and you have to take a stand. I wrote my MCAT (did pretty well) and applied to med schools here and over seas but i ended up cancelling them in March 2020. In April, after having a couple of panic attacks lol i broke down to my parents are told them i needed a year to figure everything out (i would be taking a gap year...their worst nightmare lmao). A month later, I decided to purse law school (something i'd been thinking about for years but had been too scared to disappoint my parents and crush their dreams of me in a white coat). Ever since i made that decision the road has been so smooth. No bump feels too big. I would take the LSAT a million times if it meant I got to go to law school. In contrast, the thought of rewriting the MCAT literally made me puke and shit at the same time (metaphorically). I really urge you to volunteer or work! I explored my passion for law by volunteering and if i hadn't had that experience I would have never even thought about making such a big leap from healthcare to law. Don't be scared. Look forward to the day when you feel sure of yourself and your decisions. I would also urge you to consider your economic situation. Signing on to do an LLM/graduate program isn't going to be free. This decision will be costly, so make it carefully. Also, talk to your parents, They want you to be a lawyer because they hope it will give you financial freedom and in turn make you happy. You can sit them down and make them realize that this is not making you happy and there are so many other options for you to pursue that will. You are 20! Every door is open for you and just waiting.
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