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  1. It's 1700. 1900 is the exception (I think Osler, McCarthy, and Bennet are the only ones at 1900)
  2. wtf is kush law? Like cannabis law?
  3. Go to Ottawa or Windsor (single). You'll have equal chances at the big law recruit (although historically Ottawa has done better - idk about this year) in Toronto. Just make sure your resume and grades are on par. Either one will get you there. I wouldn't touch Ryerson with a 10foot pole. I'll get hate for saying this, but it's just my opinion.
  4. do whatever you think is more fun. This is one of the last chances to take a fun job before you become a lawyer. Do whatever. It's not going to make a difference.
  5. Based on past posts, generally yes. Most of them by at least mid summer
  6. I hope so! I'd like to know the answer to this as well.
  7. I was told today, but I don't think that's happening 😛
  8. Okay that makes sense. I wonder if summer students will be given devices this year.
  9. For those articling students that worked remotely this year did your firm provide you with a computer. I can't imagine them being okay with letting students handle probably confidential information on their personal devices.
  10. Why can't you do this privately on a 1-1 basis? Email the partners you met and the student committee independently. That has the added advantage of also being personal. Gratitude isn't demonstrated very well by a very general post blasted to everyone. And updating everyone? Whatever happened to just updating your experience section? What's the point of creating a whole new post?
  11. I hate to break it to you, but you're the loser. You're the one not attuned to reality. What's the value in your eyes?
  12. Interesting, so it's about a 20-30% increase this year based on the rough numbers I've seen so far.
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