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  1. Hi all; I am coming from a fearful place and wanted to ask you guys for some views. I have an LLB from the Hague in the Netherlands (not licensed to practice there because you need a LLM to practice law in NL), as well as an International Business Law LLM from Osgoode. I realized quickly after moving to Canada as a PR and starting my LLM that it really won't get me far in terms of jobs and I have no option but to go to law school. I did not do all that well in my LLB undergrad. I wasn't the worst but not the very best either. Same with my LLM. I have to submit my LLB transcripts to WES for them to see how my grades would translate into the Canadian system. I want to know what my chances are in terms of getting into law school, specifically to the ones in Toronto. I'm so discouraged to apply because it is very expensive and because it is so competetive and now that I'm 24, I feel like everyone would be way ahead of me. Has anyone here been in a similar sort of situation? Can you give me any input about whether or not my chances are super low? Thanks!
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