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  1. Hey guys! Thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to reply. I really appreciate your help. I contacted Windsor to ask their opinion RE me having a 158 alongside a cancelled VS a super low score. This was the reply I received: "The Admissions Committee will review your current official LSAT score report, which includes all LSAT scores written in the previous 5 years." So yeah.. I am not really sure if this means that a cancelled score is better than seeing, say, a 152.. I have no clue which is worse in this case
  2. I am really hoping to study at Windsor or Western but I know U of T is an amazing school. At this point I would like to avoid writing the LSAT again but I will do so if I have to! Thanks for your reply
  3. This is really comforting to hear, thank you. I know I definitely lost 6 marks on logic games, maybe even 7... and I flagged 10 RC questions. It was just a mess. Beating myself up for even attempting to write today. Do you still think I should refrain from cancelling? Did you have a lot of questions flagged in your other sections?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I am actually not planning to apply to Windsor and Western until next cycle. As it stands I have an LSAT score of 158 but say I end up getting a 155 or even lower on my second test, which I wrote today. Do you think this will be looked down upon?
  5. Sorry guys. I just realized that my original post was unclear. **I scored 158 back in November. I just wrote the LSAT again today but it was horrible. The exam from today is the one I am considering cancelling because I am afraid that Windsor/Western will see this decline and look down upon it
  6. Thanks for your reply. Writing while ill was a really dumb decision. I remember finishing RC passages and feeling like I just couldn’t retain anything. I think worst case I scored in the low 150s and best case 157/58. I am pretty sure Windsor considers all LSAT scores but I could be wrong. Won’t it look really lousy to see 158 and then 152 (or who knows what)? thanks so much for your time
  7. Hi guys. I am going to be applying to Windsor and Western next cycle. LSAT: 158 cGPA: 3.8 L2: 4.0 B3: 4.0 Here is my situation. I wrote the Feb LSAT after scoring 163+ on my last 20 practice tests. I have the stomach flu but decided to write anyway and give it my best shot. Bad idea. I could barely focus during the exam because I felt so tired. I could not finish a logic game and immediately lost 5 points right there. Had to plug in random answers. I usually go -1 on logic games. Sad times. I am 90% positive that I scored below 158 this time around. Hoping for a miracle but I don’t think there are miracles when it comes to the LSAT lol. If you were in my position, would you cancel? How will Windsor and Western view a cancelled score on the second attempt? Windsor is my first choice by far because their values are directly in line with my academic/volunteer/employment experiences. thanks guys
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