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  1. Thanks, I am projected to finish the school year with a cGPA of 3.11 and a B2/L2 of 3.41-3.45. But as I mentioned before I think if I take an extra year for my dual degree I can get that up to a cGPA of 3.25 and B2/L2 of 3.8-4.0.
  2. Oh wow thanks for sharing, I wasn't aware of this. I actually checked up on Western's(one of the school's that are higher on my list) website and it seems to echo what you and culitigator have said. I've attached a link for any future reference. https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/admissions_FAQ/grades_and_courses.html
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a fourth year undergrad student and I am planning on applying to law school for the Sep 2022 admit term. My GPA is not the best so I was planning on completing a dual degree at my school (it would only add an extra year and I will graduate in May '22 instead of May'21). I was wondering whether law schools will factor in my Winter 2022 marks for my CGPA and L2 when I am applying for the September 2022 admit term. I mainly plan on applying to Ontario schools + Dal, Calgary & UBC. Thanks in advance!
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