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  1. Hi, I have already been rejected by Queens and UVIC and waitlisted at Windsor. Are there any law schools in Canada where I have a chance? I am thinking getting in anywhere this cycle is a long shot and am wondering if I should just study for another LSAT attempt, as I underperformed (I was scoring between 158-160 pretty consistently before).
  2. ok fair enough guys , Il just have to cross my fingers then!!!
  3. Hi, I was put on the waitlist for the regular JD on Feb. 26th. Seeing as how that is very early to be put on a waitlist I am wondering if this a good sign.
  4. Hi, thanks for responding! I unfortunately have no connections to the Maritimes or Sask. I don't have any special considerations either. I do have some EC's. I have been involved with a club on campus, Exec team for 2 years and President for one. I also did some running with a coach. I was also the music coordinator for the junior high ministry at my church for a year. I was also a semi finalist in a mock trial I was part of a mentorship program for first years in my program ( I mentored a student). So I do have some EC's going for me, just not sure how good they are relative to everyone else. and ok I have not tried 7sage yet. Maybye I should consider using them.
  5. Hi guys. I have applied to law schools this cycle and was wondering what my chances are of getting in. My Olsas cgpa is 3.55 B/2 = 3.66 and B/3= 3.6. I took the August and October Lsat flex. First one I got a 153, second a 154. This was pretty frustrating because I was getting between 157-160 pretty consistently before I wrote the second. I Know my chances at most schools are not great because of my lsat but I am wondering about UNB or UofS or Dal? I am halfway through my last semester of university and want to know if I should just assume I am not going to get in anywhere and get a tutor immediately after I graduate or if I should just work while I wait to hear back and if necessary, start studying for the lsat again in June or July. I currently have a job that has decent pay that could help me save some money (money is a factor because I may be getting engaged within the next year and law school is expensive!). Regardless of what happened, I am hell bent on becoming a lawyer, it is simply a matter of figuring out which plan is best. also, if it turns out you think I should start studying as soon as I graduate (I want to focus solely on getting good grades in my last semester), any tips about how to best study for the Lsat would be appreciated (I took a prep course last year and self-studied for 3 months).
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