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  1. OP, I was just reading your post and honestly I got a little emotional. I think the hardships that you have experienced really would help schools schools put you into better perspective. I'm wishing you all the best, and if you need to reach out and just rant I'm here!
  2. Accepted!! I'm soo honoured and excited. Not sure if I'm going to be accepting yet (gonna make a pros and cons for my other offer). L2: A- (3.66) LSAT: 159 I was put on "pending decision" on March 11th, so really happy they made a fast decision in my case. Best of luck for everyone else, keep the hope alive!
  3. Of course not! I actually emailed them on Feb 25th since they had my entire application in the "to-do list" section still (maybe because of my Jan LSAT?). After my email they changed my status to "referred to admissions committee."
  4. Accepted this morning through email!! CGPA 3.5 LSAT: 159 Probably going to accept as this is my first acceptance! I feel so silly feeling anxious and depressed before. Just wanna let everyone know who's currently in the same boat as I was to not give up hope!
  5. Pending Decision today as well!! I applied on Nov 24th but I took a Jan LSAT (which was received on Feb 4th). Also my LSAT is marked as complete and my post-secondary transcript grade is showing too.
  6. I was referred on the 24th of Feb! Excited to hopefully hear back soon.
  7. I emailed them a while ago and they responded saying "offers will be issued on a rolling basis until mid-March and waitlist/denials are gonna be issued after the April 1st confirmation deadline" So no specific dates about admission, but I hope there might be a few more waves until the waitlist is formed.
  8. Thank you for sharing your insight, you have alleviated a lot of the concerns I had. I actually want to pursue working with the Alberta Crown sometime in the future as well, so that part was especially helpful, thank you again!
  9. Mine too. Does anyone know when the apps are gonna processed further? I feel like TRU has been extremely slow this year with their applications..
  10. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if anyone can comment on how difficult it is for UManitoba grads to place in Calgary. I am currently a 0L who has lived in Calgary my entire life. I would love to come back to Calgary after finishing up my law degree, but I'm not sure how difficult of a process finding a job here can be for someone from Robson Hall (keeping in mind how Winnipeg and Calgary aren't exactly close distance wise for networking purposes). I'm considering simply re-applying next cycle if I get an acceptance from only Robson Hall and not U of A or U of C, but I feel like that would be throwing away a good opportunity in an offer from a well established Canadian University. P.S. I have seen a few threads similar to this but they were pertaining more towards the Ontario market or were quite dated, so any recent information would be amazing!
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