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  1. Thanks! I think I will try it again. I was so so soo sure that my LSAT worries were behind me haha. Oh well.
  2. I'm planning on applying for the Fall 2022 intake later this year, but with U of A's recent decision to accept applicants' highest LSAT scores, I'm debating signing up again for the LSAT Flex in June (I guess they're adding a 4th unscored section back in for August 2021, so June is the last 3-section administration). I wrote once in Sept. 2019 and got 162, and I decided I was okay with not rewriting because it's been above U of A's average score for the last few years. Now I'm nervous it won't even be close to average with these new rules. I'm tied down to Edmonton, so I kind of have to make it here or not at all. Still finishing up courses, but I expect my L60 GPA to stay around the same (~3.7-3.8). Is it risky to stick with my one write?? Has anyone written both the traditional 5-section LSAT and the 3-section Flex? Did you notice a difference in your score? Am I needlessly worrying?? Thanks in advance for entertaining my anxiety, and my heart is with everyone dealing with the uncertainty of this application cycle!
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