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  1. I just want to add that for this year they did not send all entrance scholarships with offers. They confirmed this change at the Dean's Welcome. I received an email that I received an entrance scholarship about a month after my acceptance. This is separate from the scholarships I still need to apply for, which are due june 1.
  2. If I understand your question, I think you can do open studies on a more casual basis, but some courses may not be available. Or you can apply for a 2nd degree program and then just not finish it (what I ended up doing for upgrading). But I don't think there is a special student category that I know of. Hope that helps!
  3. I don't have an issue with the University of Alberta increasing tuition (the jump was a big one though), especially considering the current political climate in Alberta and reduced post-secondary funding. However, I really wish they had just come out and said that instead of trying to justify it by using a very poor source.
  4. Entirely personal reasons (I don't feel like moving).
  5. I just received another email about it, so check your inbox.
  6. I received an email with a link to the online event after my acceptance in February. So I would say keep an eye on your inbox if you were accepted more recently or check through your old emails if you were accepted earlier.
  7. Even the "bad" neighbourhoods in Edmonton aren't that bad. I'd avoid suburbs for transit reasons, as others have mentioned.
  8. I totally understand why the school is being vague. It all depends on when and how hard the 3rd wave hits. And the age group of most law students won't be eligible to be vaccinated until "Fall 2021" in Alberta, based on the current vaccination plan.
  9. Got the email that my application status had changed this afternoon. So pleased to have been accepted! L2: 3.75 LSAT: 168 Indigenous applicant Good luck to those still waiting!
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