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  1. There was a surge in applications this year so it will probably take them more time to review and process all the apps. From my understanding access applicants are looked at later in the cycle. It is probably not your application but that they have not had time to review it yet. Hope that helps
  2. Getting to Maybe 1L of a Ride Both from Library genesis
  3. Just curious, why did they say those courses would not count towards the GPA? Is it because the courses are not a part of your regular degree or that you graduated?
  4. I think this is a sign... that we all have been checking too much 😅
  5. Hey, From what I understand, if you do not submit your documents via SAM than they would normally switch you and look over your application as if you are were a general applicant. Hope that helps!
  6. Did you apply for this cycle? I don't think most schools look at scores past the January one but you can email and check. Also if you have not been evaluated yet, you may be able to switch your application to access or mature if you email them and provide documents through SAM. A lot of people have switched mid-cycle so if you do it early it may help! Goodluck
  7. Did you submit documents for access as well?
  8. This is probably the best advice someone can get. Heck I haven't even gotten into Law School yet but this is great life advice. You take losses with a grain of salt, learn what you can, improve yourself, redo. When we put our minds to something we just gotta keep going and not lose track of the vision.
  9. Hey! I do not think there are any required books, but I can let you know of the resources I used to study for the LSAT. My first time studying I bought the powerscore bibles due to many recommendations online and they helped me for logical reasoning but they certainly did not help me much for logic games, and the tests time crunch. I scored pretty decently on the test I took from studying the powerscole bibles. Overall, I think powerscore bibles let you build upon the fundamentals more so than anything else I more recently started studying using 7Sage. I found that the online lectures and platform just suited my learning style better so I saw my points jump considerably. 7Sage is probably one of the best resources you can use to improve your logic games and timing. They also include LSAC's LSAT Prep Plus (which is probably the only resource you require). I saw my practice score improve quite a lot because it just so happened to fill in the gaps in my LSAT ability lol. Overall, highly depends on your learning style. I would stay away from standardized in-person classes if you have the option to (i.e. Princeton review and powerscore). Their resources may be good to purchase if you really feel so though. I have also heard good things about The LSAT trainer and Khan Academy (free). I think you need to look at what your learning style is and decide from there. Are you disciplined to stick to a schedule? Do you like reading, listening or viewing? etc.
  10. In queue as of February 26th! L2: ~3.7 LSAT: 156 I know this cycle is a bit more tough so we shall see
  11. If you are referring to the November application (this year) for 2022 admission, then yes! The last LSAT most schools will take would be the January LSAT after your application. So any LSAT taken before Jan 2022 would be considered. Keep in mind though that your admission decisions may be delayed at that point as schools would be waiting on that LSAT to make the final decision. You would need to update OLSAS with your future test dates to ensure that schools don't make a decision before you write/receive the results. Here is a list of the dates for Canadian Schools: https://blog.powerscore.com/lsat/canadian-law-school-application-deadlines-and-latest-lsat-score-allowed/ Hope that helps.
  12. I think this is where my question was headed. I basically wanted to know what types of softwares firms may use or the types of skills new lawyers possess in relation to tech. I know there are a lot of process automation softwares and programs such as eDiscovery that have been very useful. Thank you
  13. Hey guys, I don't know how silly of a question this is but I wanted to ask how technology/coding has impacted the way you practice law? I know Ryerson has a technology heavy focus and wanted to see how exactly it is used in the different legal fields. Much appreciated!
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