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  1. I am 38 and have a BA. I did not get a very high GPA and I plan to take 30 credit hours of extra classes. At U of M law one can apply as a mature student if they are at least 26. I think my adjusted GPA would thus be only my 30 credit hours. Would law school/U of M law school be worth it for a 38 year old? I am hoping to work for the government in some capacity.
  2. Of course proper sleep, nutrition and exercise is ideal for optimum energy levels, but what are some hacks? Coffee, green tea, energy drinks, candy for a sugar rush. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  3. I also thought that Canada did not have a "tier system". For some it seems to be Bay St. or bust (I am not one of those). I mean, comparing Windsor with York isn't exactly the American equivalent of comparing Harvard law school with the University of South Dakota law school (nothing against South Dakota/SD law school).
  4. I've got a BA (political studies) and have taught English in Asia for several years. I am a 38 year old man and plan to start law school at 40. Not related, but I mention it in case anyone wonders what my experience is. Is there a type of law that an older graduate would often practice or is it the same as any age? I plan to go to U Windsor for my JD Will live anywhere (except a very remote place like Nunavut) High salary is not my top priority (as long as I make at least the same as a public school teacher in Ontario I am happy). Hoping for a work/life balance (hoping for 40 hours a week and not 60+). I think trying to find a job in a smaller city (no commute time) is something I ought to try. Criminal defence and family lawyers will always be in demand so I am thinking to go that route. I could be dead wrong, but I think that the learning curve is more steep with criminal defence so a family law focus may be best. Again, I could be dead wrong but I think that the soft skills/life experience that I have gained may be useful for working in family law. I have also thought of trying to find a general practice in a small place that could use an extra lawyer (IF I can find such a place). They may prefer a young guy BUT I think that my life experience and the soft skills that I have learned may be looked upon as an advantage. I mentioned that salary is not my top priority, but of course I hope to make a decent salary. I could be wrong, but I think that criminal defence (doing legal aid) can pay VERY bad unless one becomes very good at it. As a child my next door neighbour was a criminal defence attorney and his wife (speech pathologist) made more money than him. I estimate that he made about the equivalent of CAD $70 000 a year in 2021 dollars. Thanks for reading and for any advice.
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