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  1. I firmly accepted my offer back in March, and paid my registration deposit in late April. It's gone through and is showing that there has been a $450 payment. However, there's no indication that there was a $450 fee so it's showing as a credit (I owed $0 and now I owe -$450). I'm probably just overthinking this but has anyone else experienced a similar thing. I just don't want to get to the June 1st deadline and find out that I somehow paid my deposit to the wrong account.
  2. For what its worth the figure given on the page you linked also lines up with this page. I can't say for certain but I find it hard to believe that they would have inaccurate info on one page let alone two.
  3. Thank you all for your insights!
  4. I applied to Scotia and they declined my application and requested I get a co-signer. I'm still waiting to hear back about that application but I'm wondering if I should apply with other banks in the mean time. Would applying to more than one bank at once affect my chances of being approved? Would a SLOC from another bank without a co-signer be necessarily more beneficial for me than a SLOC at Scotia with a co-signer? I'd appreciate any advice or redirection to any threads that have already asked this. Edit: the reason why I'm using Scotia as a comparative base is because they had the best terms of all the banks I looked at.
  5. I don't have any insight on what the decisions is or what conversation are being had at Law Schools. However, according to this article I read earlier today it seems that the federal government is expecting to have every Canadian who wants the vaccine to be fully vaccinated by the end of the summer. Which I would assume means that having a in-person semester is more likely than many of the schools may have previously anticipated.
  6. Thank you all for your advice and insight!!!
  7. Does anyone know what impact this will have in terms of housing applications for Osgoode chambers. I'm not too sure what the timeline will be for having to "lock-in" housing versus when we will know what the format of courses will be in the fall. But in the event that we find out classes are online after the deadline to confirm a housing assignment from the university would there be an opportunity to opt out?
  8. I can say pretty confidently that where you did your undergrad or in this case even what you did your undergrad in won't make that much of a difference. If anything some of the EC's or other personal statement worthy experience you've gained while doing said degree would be more important. Do you mind me asking what your EC's were. It's one thing to have good EC's but I suspect in this cycle there will be a lot of people with extremely unique EC's that go above and beyond the typical student union/association/club. I say this not to crush your hope as I think you still have a decent shot but just to maybe refocus your approach if you do have to apply a second time. With that being said, I can say that you shouldn't let the amount of time it takes to get an answer discourage you. At this stage if you haven't been rejected that's still something. This cycle is different for everyone especially the admission committees so I suspect they could possibly still be reviewing or actively considering your file against other applicants (I'm not an expert though so who knows). At any rate good luck!
  9. There's a ton of knowledgeable people on here and I'm wondering if there's any advice/regrets/cautionary tales that you think an incoming 1L (or your proverbial younger self) could benefit from. Whether you're still in law school or you have graduated several years ago I'd be interested in hearing your insight. Thanks in advance for any advice. Feel free to link any threads that have asked similar questions. From my brief search I couldn't find much.
  10. It does help, thanks you! Where can I find info relating to webinars and other upcoming events?
  11. Nope, I'll be starting my first year in September. Also just wanted to echo @vstef1130 's point about admins. If you do decide to go to uOttawa I find that the helpfulness of the admin staff drastically improves when you throw in a "Salut/Ca va?" or use a bit of Franglais. That's not to say that they will go out of their way to be unhelpful if you only speak to them in English,. However, I did notice a difference between my English and French encounters with them. Also reading back my initial comment it does seem a bit harsh on uOttawa. Although my sentiments still stand I will note that I do not in any way regret choosing uOttawa for undergrad. I knew next to nobody when I went there and I'm walking away with some life-long friendships and drastically improved French skills & accent (still not bilingual but a lot better and more confident than before).
  12. Just thought I would throw in my opinion in there as someone who was in the inverse position. I attended uOttawa for undergrad and was deciding between Osgoode and uOttawa. I ended up going with Osgoode mainly because I leaning more towards corporate law route. Additionally. I had a couple of classes in the uOttawa law building during undergrad and the facilities are extremely bad (probably the worst building on campus). Also, I can not stress this enough Ottawa is not all it's cut out to be as a city. The city does have some charm to it but that will quickly fade after the first couple weeks of winters. With all this being said though that's purely based on my experience so take that for what it's worth. Congrats on the acceptances BTW!!! A quick question: how did you find out you received an entrance scholarship? Was it included in your admissions letter?
  13. For those who did end up living with roommates in 1L how did you go about finding and vetting these people. Obviously you'd never be able to be 100% sure but was there a way that you went about vibing them out to ensure there weren't any red flags. I know a lot of people seem to be against roommates but in my cause I think rewards outweigh the risks (I may regret saying this). For context I'll be studying in Toronto so the price difference between say a 1 bedroom and a 3 bedroom would be pretty significant. Also from my experience of moving out to Ottawa for Undergrad I know that having roommates in first year was instrumental. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  14. I've been admitted to Osgoode and I'm wondering when we will know if we've received an entrance scholarship. I'm assuming that would have been included in our admission letter if we had. Also when and how do we start applying for scholarships/bursaries? I'm still deciding between uOttawa and Osgoode and I'm wondering what kind of scholarships/bursaries Osgoode offers that would help off-set the price difference. Thank you all in advance for your help!
  15. I don't think that will have any adverse effect on your chances getting into law school. Especially if your also doing some sort of volunteer commitments. This is purely based on my opinion/experience but I felt like what helped my application stand out was my unique volunteer activities. As an applicant what gave me confidence in my application was that some of my EC were unique (and of course the fact that I had a decent LSAT score). The reason I mention this is that while working puts you on the same level as other applicants, consider what unique ECs you can pick up that would be PSE worthy.
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