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  1. I am hoping someone can let me know how employers will view me pass/failing a course this semester. Windsor is letting everyone pick one course this semester to pass/fail and I would like to do so to keep my average up for class rankings. I got a few in-firms through the OCI process, but no interviews anywhere since then. My main concern is that I would like a high ranking to help with the articling recruit since I don't have a summer job. Right now my average is pretty high: 75 (Indigenous Legal Orders, my only grade from first year since everything else got moved to mandatory p/f),90,86,86,82,84, overall 84 with credit weightings. I am pretty sure I can keep my average up, but just based on how averages work, I will likely have at least one class below an 83. If I p/f whatever my lowest grade is it will keep my average up, but I'm worried that when an employer looks at my transcript it will look like I bombed the class. Right now I am thinking I would p/f Legal Profession. I have my first 3 exams 3 days in a row, followed by legal profession a few days later. I'm not even going to look at that class until after the other exams so I suspect I will end up with a B, which would bring down my average. Would it look bad on my transcript to not have a grade in that class in particular, given that it's a course about ethics?
  2. Any updates for this week on MAG Finance, Aviva, Ryebroek, or First Capital?
  3. This may be different this year because you may not have met your professor in person, but keep in mind that your exams are usually graded blind. So your prof's impression of you is likely more based on their interactions with you in the class. If you participate in class and have a decent relationship with them, then "only" having a B+ (which keep in mind is above average) shouldn't be an issue
  4. Not so sure about criminal, I went the corporate route. From what I can tell though, you have good job prospects graduating from any law school, especially if you are ok working outside of Toronto. The Criminal Law Association at Windsor is pretty big and has a lot of really good resources and connections that will help you find a job in Criminal Law. Windsor is definitely more focused on Criminal Law (Social Justice and all that) and I believe has a better reputation in that area relative to Bay Street type work. However getting a job is very hard after 1L. Those jobs are highly competitive. Most firms don't hire 1Ls anyways. Unless you are at or very near the top of the class it's hard to get a job with a firm. Again, I'm not as certain about what that looks like for Criminal law, but for Bay Street only 1 student from Windsor got a 1L job. That being said, some students that do LAW or CLA get jobs working there in the summer, although those jobs are located in Windsor. That's not a reason to not try, you should, at the very least for the practice. But do not worry at all about not getting a job after 1L. Most people don't and end up with good jobs, so don't get too worked up about it it you don't get one
  5. No one’s done one for Windsor in a while, so I’ll do one. I’ll also do 10 reasons NOT to go at some point too. A lot of these entries may appear on both lists, as there are both pros and cons to many of them. 1. Weather: Windsor is usually 2-4 degrees warmer than it is in Toronto, that might not sound like a lot, but it makes a difference. You end up with a lot less days above freezing, so there’s less snow on the ground. 2. The New Building: This isn’t exactly a reason yet because the building isn’t finished, but the last Windsor post was 2016 or something, so maybe in 2026 people will still be reading this post. Regardless, the new building looks like it will be really nice when it’s finally finished. It’s going to be fully accessible, and it will actually have enough women’s washrooms. 3. Professors: The professors are really excellent teachers, if not necessarily the most prestigious academics. You do get some top academic’s, such as David Tanovich who is also a great teacher. Lots of students don’t agree with his politics, but I don’t know anyone that didn’t say he did an excellent job teaching first year crim. I don’t know for sure why most of the profs are good at actually teaching but here’s my pet theory. Being a really good academic and a really good teacher are different skills. The top academics who are renowned for their academic work go to the more prestigious schools, so the professors who might not be as good of an academic but are better at actually teaching get “stuck” in Windsor. 4. Social Justice: This one ties into some of the other reasons. Windsor does have a social justice orientation and for the most part they do a good job living up to it. The student body is very left-wing and they often get mad at the school for not being as left wing as them, but the school really does make an effort to live up to it’s mandate. If you’re more right wing I can imagine it would feel a little oppressive at times, but if you’re into social justice then you’ll like it. 5. Clubs: This one’s tied into the Social Justice theme, but there are a lot of clubs in the law school with a Social Justice focus and they are very active. Regardless of what you’re interested in, there’s probably a club that will cater to it, and if there isn’t you can just start your own and you will definitely find someone who will want to help you take up your social cause. 6. Clinics: Also ties into Social Justice, but because of the focus on Social Justice, the school/students do a lot of work in the community so there are lots of clinics/experiential learning opportunities. 7. It’s Cheap: Windsor is just not very expensive. Everything is way cheaper than Toronto. Housing, food, drinks, gas. It’s a lot cheaper. 8. Food: The food is actually really good in Windsor, especially the Italian food. There’s a significant Italian community in Windsor so there are lots of good Italian restaurants. You can usually get a high quality meal with a bottle of wine from an Italian restaurant in Windsor for around $5-10 cheaper that an equivalent meal in Toronto. 9. Detroit: The city is actually pretty fun. It’s run-down in parts and you would probably feel a little unsafe walking around at night on your own, but it’s getting a lot better as it revitalizes. There’s good shopping, the art museum is really good, and you can go see sports games if you’re into that kind of thing. 10. Law Community: This is the big one for me. The sense of community in the law school is amazing. You know all of your classmates and lots of the upper years. Everyone’s really nice to each other. There were a lot of good parties before the pandemic. When all the law students go out, they end up going out together and hanging out. Most of the people at Windsor aren’t there because it was their top choice, which I think helps the sense of community. You’re all stuck there together, trying to make the most of it, and you do.
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