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  1. Thank you so much for your thoughts! I really appreciate your perspective and the honest input. I did end up letting my offer from TRU expire and will be going ahead and accepting the offer from UVIC. Thank you all again for your replies
  2. Stay tuned! Next week I’ll be here to bother you guys about whether I stay at UVIC or accept one of those bottom tier US schools that offers you scholarships even though you haven’t applied.
  3. The answer was so obvious it was suspicious
  4. Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your day to genuinely answer a topic that is seemingly very obvious 😅 I had been operating on the assumption that I’d be holding my seat at TRU and have some time once other acceptances rolled in to really know my options and make a decision. A sudden final deadline and giving up a good alternative felt drastic. This was the kick I needed to just make the best decision and to make it sooner rather than dragging it out!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm very excited to have gotten into both TRU and UVIC for this upcoming year. My deadline to confirm my seat at TRU is February 15th and I was initially planning on putting in my deposit as it was my first choice of the offers received at that point. However, I got the call from UVIC just yesterday and am now strongly leaning towards confirming my seat there asap and declining the offer extended by TRU. The biggest factor in favour of UVIC is of course the difference in cost of tuition, and I'm not sure anything at TRU can really counter that. That being said, I'm coming to the lovely people of this forum to 1) confirm I haven't missed any massive factor that should sway me, and 2) accept a bit of a push in formalizing this big step instead of needlessly dragging my decision out Some additional things pulling me towards UVIC: I like Victoria, I like milder weather, I believe it would be easier for me to not have a car, I plan to stay in BC but having a stronger reputation across the country doesn't hurt, and it seems they have more established opportunities for experiential learning. This may be a VERY clear decision but like I said it helps to have that confirmation and push, especially from people who understand the process and factors involved.
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