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  1. Oh wow yeah that's super similar! Fingers crossed for us!! hahah
  2. Rejected. I expected it. L2: 3.5 LSAT: 158 Lots of pretty good ECs but I don't think UofA cares.
  3. Waitlisted today and I am actually so happy because I was expecting to get a rejection from all the schools I applied to. This is so encouraging cause my stats are kinda meh. cGPA: 3.2 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 156, 157, 158 (ridiculous right? 🤣) ECs and softs: Lots. Currently 3 years out of undergrad, student council during uni, research scholarship in undergrad, volunteering with several social justice related non-profits for years, peer tutor during undergrad, got a rather exclusive internship opportunity in politics after graduating, board member of a non-profit for 2 years now, currently working full-time in public relations, and tbh there's more but I won't list them cause you get the idea. At this point I am just happy it's not a rejection. Good luck everyone!!
  4. I am in the exact same boat, and my L2 is lower than yours because of it. It makes me upset because I almost got diagnosed in uni and they told me I didn't have it because I wasn't failing school. I know this kind of comment is probably not allowed in this thread but I needed to get that out there. Edit: Sorry I made a mistake, my L2 is not lower. It's 3.5. But it could have been higher and this admissions cycle is kicking my ass. Great job on that kickass LSAT!
  5. Most schools don't, but UofA does.
  6. Do you mind sharing when you went into queue? Thanks!
  7. Scary. I did just receive a notification about applying for scholarships (I assume they sent that to everyone because you can apply before you have an offer). So it would be quite the slap in the face if right after that I also received a rejection this week. Crossing my fingers for either waitlist or a shot in the holistic round!
  8. I don't know if that's a relief or terrifying haha.
  9. J'ai contacté le bureau des admissions avant de soumettre ma demande et ils ont confirmé qu'ils acceptent les lettres de recommendation en anglais ou en français.
  10. I am also going to add that I submitted my application about 2 months later than my friend with similar stats who got waitlisted. So I am really really hoping this means they just haven't got to mine yet.
  11. That seems odd from a holistic school. Especially since I'm sure lots of applicants have 3.8+ GPAs and an LSAT just below 160. Not sure why they'd keep it so high. But that said, who's to say some people didn't get in with a lower LSAT and they just aren't active on this forum. #keepthefaith (even though mine has basically run out lol)
  12. Yeah that doesn't sound much better. Plus I've lived in cities that tend to get warm gusts in the winter and I found it mostly resulted in icy streets (more so than in Edmonton). Anyways, I feel like we've defs strayed from the topic at hand, I just like to swoop in to defend my hometown haha.
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