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  1. Got the email about an hour ago. LSAT 165, GPA was 3.97/4.33 before drops, applied Nov 29. emailed UBC a few days ago asking about GPA calculation and they said 3-4 weeks, lol. Got until April 1 to accept
  2. Congrats! So you applied in November? Theres still hope for us December homies?
  3. My LSAT is 165 and they told me today my GPA is still 3-4 weeks away. Tbh I think it’s a gongshow over there
  4. Just got an email back from Tara. Told me my GPA is in process of evaluation and could take a couple of weeks. Wack. my LSAT is 165 btw.
  5. Do you mind sharing how you phrased your email? I have been wanting to contact them but I havent been sure how to do it in a way that wont bug them lol..
  6. Congrats! When did you apply?
  7. Congrats! Whenabouts did you apply my friend?
  8. How did you go about emailing them? I definitely dont want to bother them in such a busy time ahah.
  9. Well no trolling here. I know my GPA is good but I wasnt really sure how much that gets factored in compared to other things? Especially because I went to a small university. I also applied very late in the cycle so that was making me nervous as well. Thanks for responding :)
  10. Man weren’t lawyers supposed to be nasty?? You are all way too nice to me 😂 thanks so much I appreciate it
  11. How do I check if it’s even been calculated yet? They received my transcript I can see that
  12. You cheeky bugger 😹 i meant in terms of admission requirements!
  13. Wow you are my hero responding to both my posts. I really appreciate your feedback here. Do we think things could be any different this year due to covid?
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