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  1. Still waiting! Accepted and offer to an MA program in an urrelated field at York in the meantime. The waiting has been driving me nuts lol
  2. Applied general. OLSAS GPA: 3.75 LSAT: 166 (One Write) I am still waiting! I am out of province (Newfoundland) so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I only applied to UOttawa on a whim. I am out of province but my parents live in the city and my husband was looking for a place to do his BEd so I got it in my head in August to write the LSAT and apply to law school so we could move up with my family. He was waitlisted last week so he applied to private college in Toronto as a backup and I applied to an MA at York in a field I am interested in. At this point I am leaning more toward York if I get in, but it would be great to at least know what's going on with Ottawa!
  3. Hey guys! I am still under evaluation in UOzone. My stats are: OLSAS CGPA: 3.75 LSAT: 166 (one write - November) Just wondering if you guys think I have a chance? I have noticed that a lot of the recent acceptances have slightly lower stats than mine and am wondering if this is cause for concern? I am not from Ontario, and have transferred schools a couple of times, however I am in my final term of undergrad (Honours) through University of Waterloo online. I started my degree there part-time while teaching in the Thai public school system and volunteering with a religious organization as an ESL instructor. My ECs are not great outside of my cross cultural experience and religious volunteering since high school, but I did highlight my hopes of studying international law and the value of University of Ottawa in this area and got a solid letter of reference from an alumnus. I am probably freaking out for no reason, but I am nervous I messed up somewhere along the way.
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