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  1. I don't think you should apologize. The purpose of these forums is to provide others with some insight into what is being accepted and what is being rejected. If a person posts here they should be prepared to be asked these questions and provide answers. Of course if they chose not to that's fine, but to be upset at someone for asking questions that this website is designed for is uncalled for, regardless of how upset they may be. This is a high pressure time for everyone, months of waiting, dealing with a pandemic so showing some empathy and kindness is needed ( you personally went above and beyond for apologizing though for certain you didn't need to).
  2. rejected this morning via email cGPA: 2.7 B2: 3.9 LSAT: 166 Good ECs and LORs Best of luck everyone
  3. I know some scholarships were sent out in March. I can’t say if all and it doesn’t sound like all have been sent out. The account won’t be set up till summer according to the admin team.
  4. It comes through by email. You can also check your student Center to see application status. It states whether or not you got accepted rejected waitlisted or it says applied meaning nothing has happened yet.
  5. Waitlisted too. olsas 2.7 L2/3.85 lsat 166
  6. under eval since November too lol ... makes me really appreciate UofT lol
  7. is it a paper letter or an email lol?
  8. No in their email they state none is needed unless you’re no no longer interested. Also read about their provisional and hard acceptances in Ontario!
  9. Got the email around 1 or so.. GPA: ~3.75-3.82 LSAT: 166
  10. Thank you my friend! have been celebrating for two weeks now lol! I appreciate your kind words through out this post
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