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  1. I agree with cold calling/e-mailing! I've constantly applied to all the CSO's RA postings and other summer law jobs in addition to e-mailing firms around the GTA asking if they will take summer students. One firm put out a posting for an articling position and I e-mailed them about a summer student position and they ended up taking me on. It takes time but it's still possible to get something for the summer. I would also e-mail some legal aid clinics around the GTA as well.
  2. Haven't heard back yet from those places (didn't apply to Rochen)
  3. It's 50/50 - you either get people who say they aren't because of COVID and cut backs but to send a resume anyways to keep it on file in case things change or people who will ask for a resume/transcript but then you don't hear back for awhile. As for a template, it's more personalized to my name, school, year and what I'm hoping to gain out of the summer experience depending on the firms practice area and then I just attach my resume/transcripts and hope they email me back Goodluck!
  4. The one where we send it to Jessica Fiore? If so, then yes
  5. Same and I know some friends who haven’t gotten anything either
  6. did you guys have one or two interviews with blaneys?
  7. I'm not sure when MSM said they would do interviews but I know Robins Appleby said they do interviews on March 22-23 so I wouldn't be surprised if they e-mail Friday
  8. it was the automatic one saying your e-mail has been received. Nothing after that was acknowledging the application
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