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  1. hi everyone! I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to call the admissions office to get any news? just to ask how long of a wait it will be till we hear anything from them? this wait is honestly extremely frustrating, and it just isn't fair to put so many students in this kind of a situation, especially during these stressful times. Idk. this post is a half rant/half question. lol looking at past threads, some people have had to wait well into the first week of September, which is just absurd and disrespectful of the admissions office to do. like I get they're busy, but people need to plan out their lives. SORRY FOR THE RANT.
  2. not really sure. just really frustrating. personally, i have "lower" stats so im scared they'll just refuse me at that last second or in june/july or something. i guess they could also refuse me this week lol.
  3. is it just me, or does it seem like they leave those with "lower" stats till the very end....I've been looking at the refused threads from past years and it seems like they'd start rejecting people with really high stats early on (January, February..) and then they'd leave those with lower stats till around April, May, June, etc. This is just something I've noticed. I wonder why they do this.
  4. thanks for your response! i guess we just have to wait and see. but if I already fell in the first wave of declines, would they not have refused me already?
  5. I'm a native French speaker and I wrote my PS in French. Also, one of my LORs was written in French. although i dont think it really matters if one of my LORs was written in French lol...idk just though id mention that.
  6. regular (I'm in my final year of undergrad).
  7. Hey, so I'm still RFR. No LSAT and a 3.5 from UofT. Pretty strong LORs, ECs and PS (Imo). Has anyone heard of someone getting in with this kind of a GPA, or should I just give up?
  8. hi! I'm just wondering. does McGill actually look at your new marks if you re-upload your transcript? do they actually take your new marks into consideration?
  9. ah d’accord merci ! est-ce qu’ils ont précisé dans le courriel que c’était pour clarifier des choses ? Ou bien ils t’ont juste simplement demandé de faire une entrevue ?
  10. SOS! lol Je suis la seule à recevoir un courriel me demandant si je pourrais faire une entrevue ? d’après mes connaissances, uOttawa ne passe pas d’entrevues en vue d’évaluer des candidats.
  11. Hi everyone! I don't really see anyone talking about the PDC program, so I thought I'd create a thread. Anybody get accepted yet? I applied on February 28th. Still haven't heard back.
  12. Anybody have any news? I'm still RFR....the wait is making me feel so anxious. I'm having literal dreams about McGill looolll
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