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  1. Has anyone heard from Rasmussen Starr Ruddy LLP yet?
  2. Just got the call from Norton Rose Fulbright!!!
  3. I heard from McCague this morning - they called.
  4. I heard from Perley Robertson on February 4th (I'm from Queen's), but they said they would consider people and contact them until February 18th.
  5. I'm not sure actually, but I'm assuming it's quite competitive. It depends on how many students they're hiring too. I know BLG and Gowling tend to hire more students than the other firms.
  6. Yes, these are all for in-firms. I'm pretty sure the firms have finished all OCIs.
  7. Update as of 4:10 on February 10, 2021: Calls have gone out from: BLG, McMillan, Dentons Emails: Fasken, Gowling
  8. Just got the call from BLG. When they called me, they only had 2 time slots left. Hope this helps! Good luck everyone
  9. Congratulations! That's amazing! Do you remember what time BLG called?
  10. Did any other firms aside from BLG send PFOs?
  11. Thank goodness, I got nervous for a bit haha (Norton is one of my top choices). Thanks again!
  12. Thank you! Also, I thought that Norton was going to call people who they would invite for in-firms at 7 pm tomorrow? I read this in their email: "Kindly note that, following OCIs, we will be calling successful candidates that we will be inviting to join us for in-firm interviews at 7:00 pm on February 10, 2021." Does anyone here have an in-firm with Norton tomorrow?
  13. Just heard from LaBarge Weinstein LLP today too.
  14. Hello, this thread is for people from any law school who participated in the Ottawa OCIs. I know that uOttawa starts their OCIs tomorrow, but for those who have already done the Ottawa OCIs, who have you heard from? So far, I've heard from: Soloway Wright, Nelligan, and Perley Robertson (from OCIs) and Cassidy Levy Kent, Conway Baxter, Mann Lawyers (who did not participate in OCIs). Just wondering if firms like Fasken, McMillan, Stikeman, Norton, Gowling or BLG have sent out in-firms yet?
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