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  1. Umm I never assumed that I was the only one who encountered extenuating circumstances. Thank you for your thoughts though!
  2. Thanks so much for this message. I genuinely appreciate you and others offering words of motivation and wisdom! The grind doesnt stop here, and I am on the up this year GPA wise. As well, I will be taking a 5th year in the hopes to offset my poor cGPA. Cheers
  3. Thank you so much for your genuine interest in lending a helping hand. I appreciate your view and I will definitely explore my Canadian options prior to considering the abroad route. Very helpful!
  4. Thank you for your continued thoughts on this matter. Though youve overlooked the essence of my question and the extenuating circumstance which lead me to underachieving in my firs two years, your comments are appreciated!
  5. I actually have to disagree with your opinion. Though the notion of prestige within the university system is somewhat lesser in comparison to that of the UK and USA, the notion still exists. Theres a reason its harder to get into UofT than York or Ryerson, Brock or Lakehead. Having a degree from a school like UofT displays a form of personal academic pedigree which cannot be matched by most other Canadian universites.
  6. Your writing comes across as angry. I was simply hoping for some discourse on the topic I submitted, not to have someone belittle both me and the question as a whole. Thanks though!
  7. Wow! Congrats on the 171! Very impressive! How long did you study to achieve those results?
  8. Hi all, I realize the topic of UK LLBs have popped up on this thread a few times, though I've got an inquiry which I dont think has been discussed at length or at all. For some background I'm completing my 3rd year at UofT with a Humanities BA. Due to some mental health issues that hit me during my first year my average is sub-par; like 2.3 bad. It is on the up though as Ive dealt with things and have started to preform academically like I should; I hope to have my cGPA at 3.0 at least by the time I graduate, with my L2 being 3.5+ (hopefully). I do still want to pursue law though as it has always been my goal. So my question is, is there really that much of a difference between going abroad and getting an LLB at a top 10/20 UK law school and getting a degree at a Low tier Canadian school like TRU or UNB? To me it seems like either way I wont have an Osgoode or UofT law stamp on my diploma - nor will I have that of an Oxford or Cambridge stamp - so does it matter? Either way I wont be able to build necessary or substantial connections in the Toronto region where I hope to practice and either way its not a T1 degree. I do understand that one way I'll be studying CANADIAN law and the other way ENGLISH law, but does this distinction matter so much so in the search for an articling position or job in general upon return? For instance, if one applies to X law firm with a degree from City University London, and another applies from TRU, and another applies from UofT, wont the first two both be looked upon as lesser than that of the UofT degree anyway? Pretty much on par? I just want some further clarification if anyone can help. As well too I would like to know where to better set my sights for the coming years. Thanks!
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