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  1. If anyone else figures this out please share!
  2. I emailed and they said they have everyone’s score who wrote the Jan LSAT. Not sure why launchpad isn’t being updated but pretty sure they have all our scores
  3. In a very similar boat. Was feeling ok about my chances until I saw the recent acceptances and the high LSATs have also terrified me. Just keep reminding myself that it’s still relatively early in the process and this has been an insanely competitive cycle everywhere, so whatever happens, happens. fingers crossed for all of us!
  4. Just my experience! Other people may have found sequential worked best for them, I just found I’d fallen into a pattern or sense of comfort with the older style PTs and got thrown off by the newer ones. Again, might just have been specific to me but figured I’d share my experience
  5. Lol I swear I read that admissions page a million times and still managed to not know about this 😂 big rip for me too
  6. I'm not sure how much it matters if you do them first or later, but I'd definitely recommend not leaving the newest ones as your last batch before the actual LSAT. I only started the 80+'s a few weeks before my LSAT and noticed a definite change from the older LSATs I was practicing, which I had gotten used to at that point. It kind of threw me off my game and I wish in retrospect that I'd started the newer prep tests earlier. I think if you do at least some of the newer LSATs earlier, you have some idea of how things change, and won't let yourself get used to the older style of LSAT. I also noticed the biggest change was with the logic games, so even if you don't take a whole bunch of newer LSATs at the beginning of your studying, try some of the logic games sections at least so you can see how different they are. Good luck!
  7. Do people think the next round of acceptances might be pushed back a couple weeks? because it’s reading week next week? trying to verse how much longer I have to keep anxiously refreshing launch pad 😅
  8. Lol doing the exact same thing. At least I’m not alone 😂
  9. Has anyone’s score not been updated yet? Also wrote the Jan Flex but launchpad still shows my old score.
  10. Has anyone emailed or contacted U of A to confirm if this is true? 😬
  11. Does anyone know if UofA includes study abroad grades in their L2 calculations? I’ve gone back the 60 credits and I end up right in the middle of the semester I spent abroad, so I’m wondering if UofA would use that semester for their calculations or go back an additional semester? thanks in advance, haven’t been able to find information on this anywhere!
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