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  1. Thank you so much! I was 99% sure that that would be the case but the advisors not confirming or denying it made me quite nervous. And thank you for the email address.
  2. Do you happen to know her name?? I'd love to speak to someone who actually cares and is helpful
  3. Okay that's what I figured but thank you for your response...it's very reassuring. The advisors are absolutely useless (for the most part) so thank god for this forum.
  4. Hi all! I will be applying to UofA's law school in the upcoming fall, for the Fall 2022 cycle. I know that for the Winter Term 2020, completed credits will be considered as they are complete and received. And that they will just not use the mark received for that term, meaning that the credit counts for the 60 credits, but the mark will not be used in the GPA calculation. Below is a list of my last 20 courses, all complete terms: Winter 2020: A+, A-, A+ (Completed at MacEwan in Open Studies, received letter grades) Fall 2020: A, A+, A, A+, A (Completed at UofA, first semester of my After-degree) Winter 2021: A, A+, A+, A+, A-, A- (Completed at UofA) Fall 2021 (registered courses, predicted grades): A, A, A, A, A, A (Will complete at UofA, last semester of my after-degree) Assuming I finish Fall 2021 with a 4.0 GPA, can anyone tell me how they will calculate my GPA based on the last 20 courses??? Will they take the sum total of the 17 courses (including F2020, W2021, and F2021 BUT excluding W2020) and divide it by 20 OR by 17 to calculate the AGPA? I have emailed the Law school student services several times but they keep giving me the same answer...'our GPA calculation process is internal to the admission process'. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thank you for your response! And last question (I think), what did you use to study? which books or online courses?
  6. What score did you end up with? if you don't mind me asking. And was that it? just the seven weeks?
  7. Thank you so much for your thorough response. I've been hesitant about taking the June exam and reading your post made me realize that it's just not a good idea.
  8. Hello all! I was planning on taking the June LSATS. However, I only have the last week of April, all of May and the first week to two weeks of June to study for it (depending on the date of the exam, right now it just says week of June 12th)...has anyone here been able to do well with 6-7 weeks of daily, rigorous studying?? I don't know if I'm setting myself up for failure? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  9. I'm confident I can keep my GPA at 3.8 (fingers crossed)...but are you speaking from personal experience?
  10. Fantastic...I will for sure reach out to you in the coming months. So glad I joined this forum today.
  11. Oh congratulations! You have no idea how happy your response made me...I've been experiencing extreme anxiety thinking about all of my hardworking going to waste because of my rough start. I'd love to chat with you more in the future, about the rest of your application...if you're open to it...are we able to chat on this platform? I'm new here so I have no idea. And I'll make sure to keep up with your updates over the next few months. Best of luck, I hope you hear positive news from the rest of the schools.
  12. I'm taking 5-6 courses per term right now but UofS is my last choice/last resort...thank you for your response though
  13. Hi everyone, I’m not sure if anyone here can help or provide any guidance but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. Long story short…I did my BSc with a double major and finished with a very low GPA of around 2.6 (even failed some courses). Mainly because I absolutely hated everything I was doing and had no real goals of continuing on to grad school so by the end I did the bare minimum…enough to graduate. However, a few months after graduating I decided I’d like to try for Law school but knowing that my GPA is way way too low, I went ahead an applied for an after-degree at the UofA (which is basically a second bachelor’s degree but shorter than 4 years) with a major is Sociology which is a subject I’ve always enjoyed and even did really well in when I took a few SOC courses back during my BSc. I’m now in the second semester of my after degree and things are going well…I finished last term with a 4.0. I plan to extend my after-degree until the end of Winter 2022 so I can have 2 full years of hopefully a very high GPA (no less than 3.8). Now my question is…if I apply with a high GPA of let’s say around 3.8 with an LSAT score of 165-170 (I have not written the LSATS yet but this is the kind of score I’ve been getting on PT) and have some ECs on my resume (volunteering with human rights orgs)…would I have a chance? or am I looked down upon because I did really bad in my first BSc? has anyone been in a similar position before or know of anyone else in a similar position? I plan to apply to UofA, Uofc, Schulich School of Law, Queen’s, and Western…all of which look at either the last 2 years or the last 60 credits for AGPA…and I’m taking enough courses to satisfy both systems (without them needing to use my BSc grades in the AGPA)…even those that only accept courses up until the end of Fall 2021 (like UofA & UofC). *I'll be submitting my applications in Fall 2021 hoping for admission into the Fall 2022 class. I’d appreciate any sort of help & guidance…I’m just so anxious that all of this hard work is worthless because I had a rough start.
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