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  1. I received an update to my application a day and a half after my interview. Hope you hear back soon!!
  2. Well, I didn’t get an email survey. So maybe it IS foreshadowing for those of you that did!!!
  3. Cannot believe I am posting this... Accepted today (March 19) CGPA 2.43 B2/L2 3.95 LSAT 166 Mature applicant. Completed Part B.
  4. It shows on OASIS and is followed by an email shortly thereafter.
  5. This is extremely helpful - thank you! Much of what you have said is exactly how I planned to approach the interview. It is nice to know that I am thinking about this in the right way. I have zero interest in corporate law...so no issues there! I think my passion, honesty, and career goals are really going to help me in this. Thank you for the luck! 🙂
  6. Based on what I am reading, it seems likely that the committee is leaning towards an acceptance, but are slightly on the fence and want to be sure I am worth an offer! Haha I appreciate the luck - I hope you are right and that I do not need it! 🙂
  7. This is what I have read, as well. It seems much more like a "get to know you" interview rather than something that is overly intense. Thanks for the input!!
  8. My stats will likely give some people hope, fill some with anger, and cause others to have heart palpitations. Haha 2.43 cGPA, 3.95 B2/L2, 166 LSAT. cGPA took a hit from a one year failed attempt at undergrad 20 years ago. Explained within Part B of PS.
  9. Really hoping that somebody (or many somebodies) can offer some guidance! I just found out that I have been invited to interview with the Admissions Committee. There is some helpful information in the forum, but nothing in the past 2-3 years that I could find. Has anyone interviewed with admissions recently? Wondering what to expect - particularly in the COVID era - and what questions I may be asked. I did not expect to get in at Osgoode with my stats, which makes this interview more than a little surprising. I have not heard back from anywhere else so I feel like the pressure is on! Any and all feedback is appreciated. 🙂
  10. I applied under regular - which in hindsight was likely a mistake. I just figured I would have a difficult time obtaining medical documentation from so long ago. If I have to apply again next cycle, I will probably go this route. Thank you for the response! It was nice to read your thought on Queens as this is one of my top choices.
  11. This definitely helps solidify my decision to apply to Dal! Thank you!
  12. Long time lurker...first time poster. I have applied to all schools in Ontario (except Ryerson) and have decided to submit to Dal before the February 28th deadline. A little concerned I may not be competitive enough to get in anywhere this cycle. Stats are cGPA 2.7, L2/B2 3.95, LSAT 166. My cGPA is as low as it is because I had a year of failed university courses from nearly 20 years ago due to health reasons. This was explained in my PS. Also, my L2/B2 will only hit this mark after transcripts are submitted at the end of the current semester. ECs are probably considered average - nothing extraordinary. Any thoughts on whether or not I am likely to get an offer somewhere (...anywhere!) are appreciated.
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