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  1. The TA I'm referencing I volunteered with for about 2 years (from first semester first year, to first semester third year.) So, do you think that either way I should just stick with my ex-employer?
  2. Hey all, As the title suggests, I have volunteered at several labs where my supervisor was a Masters student that was previously my TA. Would they be considered a strong reference? I had worked before my undergrad (3 years ago) and I messaged my old manager and they said they'd provide me with a reference, but would using a TA/ Master's student over a work manager provide me with a better chance? Note: My other two references are associate professors from my university. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I'm planning on taking the August LSAT, but if that doesn't go well I'll also take the October one. Will I get my scores back in time for my November applications?
  4. Do you know if they count spring/summer credits as part of the L60* GPA?
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