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  1. Hi everybody, I am new to the forum as a first time poster. I am looking into options for a line of credit and have a couple of questions for you based on your experiences. With Scotiabank, were any of you offered Disability Coverage for your SPSP? If so, what did that include? My concern is, with carrying such a large debt load, I'd want disability protection in the event I become ill and cannot make payments at some point in the future. I have this coverage on an RBC mortgage but was just curious if, in your dealings with Scotiabank regarding the SPSP, any of you were informed of this option. Anecdotally, a colleague of mine was supposedly told by a Scotiabank rep that because he was a student and therefore not employed full-time, Disability Coverage was not available to him. Is this true? If that is true, it seems to be different than what other banks are saying. Thanks in advance.
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