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  1. Hi! Do not quote me on this, this is anecdotal evidence, but your stats are great and I heard even access applicants with great stats get looked at later in the cycle due to when the access committee meets. No idea how much truth there is to this, however going with what friends said and what I have seen on the boards. If anyone wants to confirm this theory, thanks!!
  2. For example, if the L2 GPA is slightly lower than the competitive average but the LSAT is slightly higher would it balance out the same way a slightly higher L2 for the competitive average and a slightly lower LSAT would balance out? thanks!
  3. Replying again, did anyone hear anything from ryerson, March is coming up so I was curious. Thanks!
  4. Just going to add to this, did anyone hear anything?
  5. Hi everyone, Woke up this morning and thought they would maybe do acceptances this week but then found out it’s reading week so this week is probably write off in terms of hearing anything... Just thought I would post for anyone that is as anxious I am sigh.
  6. @tiptoemaster thanks for letting me know!
  7. Thanks for this information! Does that mean it’s possible that a score report may have been requested for someone but they would not have received that notification yet because of the error? Thank you!
  8. Thanks everyone! @tiptoemaster you had a Jan LSAT as your only write or a masters too? Thank you!
  9. Did anyone (without an acceptance) get their LSAC report requested with January 2021 as their ONLY write? Also, for those who did get it requested, did you have a graduate degree as well (masters)? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi! Was this a January score? Not sure if they received January scores today and then made decisions because another slew of them came in today, thank you!
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