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  1. Thank you for posting these links and your feedback! Will definitely be referring back to them as I make my pros and cons lists.
  2. That is definitely something to keep in mind that I hadn’t considered as much before! Thank you!
  3. Thank you for your thoughts! I’m under the impression that both schools are good choices, but given that I’m not sure about where I’d like to end up in the field, and that Queens has a slightly stronger Toronto connection I might be starting to lean in that direction.
  4. Hey everyone, So far I’ve been lucky enough to get accepted at Queen’s and UOttawa, but I’m struggling to decide where to provisionally accept before the April 1 deadline (Osgoode is my first choice, but I haven’t heard anything from them yet). I was originally interested in policy however, I’m also a big people person and would definitely want to be doing work as a lawyer that includes interactions with clients. I’ve spoken to a lawyer who mentioned that if I am a people person I might not want to do policy work as that does not include a lot of client interaction. I’m also potentially interested in litigation (not sure what field), family law, and constitutional law (I know this is a long shot for many people’s careers) but I’m really not set on anything at this point. Definitely relying on law school to give me the knowledge/experiences to sort through that. I’m also from Toronto and would ideally like to end up back here, but I’d be open to gaining some experience elsewhere at the start of my career if necessary. I’ve heard lots about the clinic program at Queen’s which is definitely appealing to me, as well as the smaller class size (after coming from a big university) and am currently leaning in that direction but haven’t made up my mind. I know this is a lot of information to sort through, apologies in advance; I’m really just looking for the school that will give me the best overall opportunities regardless of what area I decide to practice in. Thank you all!
  5. Just wanted to bump this! Hasn’t gotten any activity yet and I fear it’s getting lost in the forum. Any feedback would be helpful I know I’m right on the line and want to set some realistic expectations for the rest of the cycle
  6. Hi guys, All my stats are up above and my cGPA includes OLSAS’ conversion. For context I wrote the lsat twice, I received a 157 in October and just received a 162 in the January Flex. Given the competitiveness of the current cycle and the fact that I only just received a more competitive (although by no means extraordinary) score this month, I’m stressing a bit about my chances. I’ve applied to Osgoode, Queen’s, Western and uOttawa, with Osgoode being me top choice as I am from Toronto. If anyone could let me know what they think it would be much appreciated thanks!
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