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  1. I didn't end up reading G2M until 1L summer, and regret not having been told about it sooner. This is absolutely the one law-related book you should be reading before 1L starts (and should return to frequently).
  2. Just got AHBL Have also heard from Whitelaw, Clark Wilson, and McEwan Partners UBC
  3. I just wanted to post an update for anyone who might come across this thread in future. I ended up accepting and doing 14 OCIs, and it wasn't a problem at all for me (NB, this was with the advantage of being able to do them virtually from my own home).
  4. Yes, always happens around this time of year when things are starting to pile up but the end isn't yet near. You need to get take this entire weekend off. Go skiing or hiking. Buy some new pants. Dust off that old video game you haven't played since the summer. Drink a bottle of wine and watch a bad movie with your friend, partner, or cat. The only law-related thing you need to think about is remembering your career goal and what motivated you to want to do this in the first place.
  5. Hi all, I'm lucky enough to have received enough OCI offers that I've run into an unexpected problem - feeling like accepting all of them may result in me stretching myself too thin. I've accepted 10 interviews so far from the offers I am most interested in, but feel like doing too much beyond this might be diminishing returns. I am fairly introverted and have always needed some time to "recharge" during career fairs etc. On the other hand, doing everything online will probably make it easier to de-stress during short breaks. I'm hoping people could share experiences from prior recruits, especially people who may come at things from a more introverted perspective. Thanks!
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