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  1. They're putting a lot of effort into bringing opportunities to their students including research funding and work-force oriented class choices that no other school coasting on reputation is working to offer. If you're looking to be a big fish in a small pond surrounded with all the benefits of being in canada's economic center... Ryerson is the place to be.
  2. Do you have an idea of how you prepared yourself to be so good at issue spotting? I remember this was skill I struggled with the MOST, not just spotting it intuitively, but also being able to quickly decide how relevant it would be, and phrasing it very precisely before i begin explaining the rules and analysis is still incredibly time consuming for me. I realize writing down what kind of claim/ being brought by whom before giving your arguments and counterarguments SHOULD BE EASIER and yet, this first step feels the most difficult.
  3. I am not 100% sure this is true since law schools do rolling admissions and so when they see your application does indeed matter. Maybe not for those whose applications are superstars among the pile, but the further you get down the curve, the more it probably does matter because the differences between students will be smaller and smaller as you begin to hit that median part of the bell curve. For some odd reason this error message is common for osgoode I think it's because our admissions committee spends a lot of time on each application instead of looking at them all at once. I know it's march so you must be stressed but you do still have a lot of time. Some of our classmates weren't admitted till as late as July.
  4. Someone fill me in on how much time is enough time. Asking for a friend who would also like to give open advice!
  5. It seems like the LSAT Flex has increased the number of students who have taken that test this year and also the number of students who are performing quite well. Given those circumstances, and also the fact that osgoode's average applicant lsat score is one of the highest in Canada along with McGill, UBC, and U of T, I am not sure your stats will work this time around. BUT since osgoode is so rich in social justice classes and work, if you have a very very strong PS and resume, they might just take you. Best of luck!
  6. I don't think so, but I would call the admissions office to be sure. Entrance awards are usually used to entice applicants to accept the offer for admission to that school, so their initial offer for admissions itself will include those awards so that you can decide between a school that simply offered you admission and a school that gave your a full ride or significant discount for example!! The same way you compete among other applicants to be selected by the schools, this is one of the ways schools compete against each other to be selected by among applicants.
  7. I have a feeling the LSAT Flex may have something to do with it as well. Having it online, and doing 3 sections in one go instead of 6 (4 tested+ 1 experimental + 1 writing) makes the test WAY more accessible to a LOT more people. Which isn't a bad thing at all for applicants until you get to the increased competition for admissions side of things.
  8. UOttawa just got a new course on this try asking there too!
  9. Hey a message of support from a struggling 2L this stuff about not knowing things and abbreviations while difficult, gets A LOT EASIER when the pandemic is over and you will be surrounded by classmates also figuring things out with you. I would really suggest holding off on the drop-out until you've at least experienced an in-person year/semester of law school. How will you know otherwise? If you think it'll be difficult try switching to part time so you have more time to try extracurriculars and enjoy yourself after a LONG HARD YEAR of the online pandemic class. One of the best parts of law school is all the fun you have with your classmates so give yourself a chance to do that. The fact that you came here with your feelings shows how much talking things through with people is valuable to you so it might be the case that law school becomes more enjoyable to you when you can do that in your classes too! I completely understand the feeling of being blindsided by everything and a LOT of 1Ls will sit out of the first year recruit because it's a very small recruit. You didn't miss out on anything from not doing the 1L recruit.
  10. Have you tried applying to the two colleges that take law students?
  11. There will be maybe 2 people that dress really nicely all year and the rest will be wearing something that clearly says "you're lucky I even showed up"
  12. Not unrealistic especially with these scores, have you tried calling admissions? Don't be afraid to bother them they're literally the sweetest people at UBC. Best of luck!!
  13. That's fantastic then. Too many schools simply don't even read past the metrics. @brokenegg best of luck!!
  14. This is a really good application, don't discount the legal experience even if it is nepotism, relevant experience is relevant experience. The only thing that worries me here is that 157 may potentially be low enough to have your application not looked at so someone correct me if I'm wrong and if you know of people getting in with that lsat score?
  15. You can ask for an extension for the deadline to pay the deposit and accept the offer as well! If you can, just let them know you're on waitlist* for a different school and are still unsure of what you want to do. The admissions office people/ philosophy may have changed at this point but I remember them very distinctly saying that they wanted students to choose UBC because they want UBC and not because you don't have your top-choice offer yet. They were quite confident I would chose to stay since I'm from there so if you're from there, ask for that leeway in not having pressure to make you decision. Hope that helps! Congrats on a great offer!! *I would just add here, in my request I wasn't on waitlist I was just waiting to hear from schools with different decision deadlines so it might potentially be different? Maybe just vaguely say "I'm still waiting to have all my offers and would appreciate some time" could even mention how the pandemic has made it hard to visit all the schools before deciding!
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