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  1. Waitlisted today for dual! lsat- 159 twice 😅 cgpa - 2.38 (low I know) but I included in the optional question as to why I did a post grad certificate that I did really well in, amazing letters of recommendation, I worked my entire time in school and currently employed full time working for a financial institution, and was the president of a sorority so I also have lots of volunteer experience Fingers are crossed!
  2. Finally got a response! Your application is incomplete because we are waiting for your January Lsat Test. These test were released to the students recently, but we will not receive them for at least another week or two and it will then take approximately 2-3 more weeks for the files to reviewed for completeness and sent to the Faculty of Law for review. I’m surprised it’s taking them so long.
  3. I did! I even got the confirmation email saying they received it. That’s so odd - I just added an additional comment with my student number, hopefully that was the problem
  4. I feel like instead of marking a bunch of applications referred they marked them incomplete. I still haven’t heard back from them from my Wednesday email though
  5. Exact same situation for me (same lsat dates) and Mine is too, I emailed them on Wednesday but no response
  6. Has anyone who this has happened to seen any changes back to complete?
  7. It happened to me too! Did you write the January lsat? I’m so glad I’m not the only one
  8. My application has had a complete status since November but all of a sudden today is showing as incomplete. I’m hoping that it’s just because of January lsat scores being released and not a bad sign
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