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  1. I’m probably going to sound really ignorant here, but how would I find out more information on the mature/access categories? I tried looking on the OLSAS application guides & couldn’t find anything. Also, in terms of medical documentation, would that be doctor’s notes and such? All the illnesses were well documented at the time both with doctors and the university, but I doubt I’d have kept any of the paperwork after the fact. If it’s just documentation of the illness/injury’s existence though, that should be easy enough to provide as I’m sure the medical records still exist somewhere. That’s amazing @PlayALawyerOnTV, congratulations! I was feeling pretty demoralized yesterday, but that gives me hope. Best of luck at Osgoode!
  2. I’m going to preface this by saying that all information provided is as accurate as possible, and I’m asking this genuinely. I don’t have much if any experience with the legal field, or law school applications & have been out in the “real world” for a few years now so I don’t have any classmates/profs/academic advisors to turn to. I decided to apply to law school last fall in mid-October, applied to Windsor single JD, and wrote the LSAT in January scoring a 168. I had wonderful reference letters (made me tear up a bit) and probably reasonable-strong ECs. Unfortunately, my GPA is between 2.68-2.91 (~77%) depending on how it’s calculated. Coming from a sciences/vetmed background, I’ve been a little surprised at what people consider to be high/low grades. We were graded on a scale where if you answered everything correctly, you’d get an 80% and could only score above by providing additional information on the exam (ie citing a related study, etc.). I loved university & what I was studying, but my primary focus was on athletics and that has continued to be my main focus since then, and during university I struggled with concussions, mono, and undiagnosed ADHD (none of which I mentioned on my application). I doubt I’ll be admitted this cycle. Although I’m a good writer, contrary to what this post may suggest, I didn’t really know what I was doing on my application and had to do the whole thing in 10 days while working 70+ hours a week. So given my weak stats, is there any point in applying next fall? Unfortunately going back to upgrade my GPA is not a financial option for me at this time, but I could retake the LSAT & am confident I could upgrade my score. I didn’t have much opportunity to study before the Jan LSAT, and didn’t receive any accommodations I’m eligible for because the deadline to apply for them had passed before I had figured out if I was even eligible. So while I think that’s a realistic option, I’m just not sure if there’s any point spending the money to retake? And the same goes for applying next fall.
  3. Even for acceptances/rejections, as opposed to waitlist acceptances? In other words, you could still be referred to admissions in August??
  4. Does anyone know how long the admissions cycle lasts? In other words, what is the latest possible date you could find out if you’ve been accepted/rejected?
  5. Congrats! I am (theoretically) in the same boat as I wrote the LSAT for the first time in January. Unfortunately I was just referred to admissions last week, so I’m guessing it’ll still be a while before they get around to looking at my application. Do you know approximately how long it took between being referred & when you were accepted?
  6. Books for non-readers! All 3 of these are fairly short page-turners that still manage to make an impact. I loved all of them, and would actually recommend listening to the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peele Pie Society as an audiobook- it’s written in the epistolary style, and seems to lend itself well to the audiobook format. My recommendations are as follows: The Thursday Murder Club Anxious People The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society The Home (Bill Bryson, non-fiction)
  7. Apparently most schools have experienced an unusually high number of applicants, so I think things may be more competitive than usual across the board. I know even LSAT numbers were up (in terms of test takers) for the last few tests, but Jan especially. So don't feel too badly!
  8. Was referred to admissions last Thursday, after they finally received my LSAT scores (first write Jan 2021). Does anyone have an approximate timeline for when I can expect to hear back?
  9. For me, I can see them in my OLSAS profile, but the school I applied to doesn’t have them yet. Are you applying from Ontario?
  10. Sorrry, this is probably a silly question, but does LSAC automatically send your score to OLSAS? Wrote the January LSAT Flex (first time writing the LSAT), and am not sure what to do now that I have my score back. Do I have to report it to OLSAS or something? Cheers!
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