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  1. Thank you philisophymajor, LegalAcrobat, JiimmyMcGill and Psychometronic for your recommendations. I will take notes of the resources introduced and hope to receive some more recommendations before this threat is buried. Also thanks to Starling and others for pointing out that different profs could use entirely different resources for classes at UBC. I was not aware of this and so will not focus on finding specific titles now. As it was mentioned by others, too, I'm a few years out of school and so my perspective about education has shifted away from worrying about grades and curves and standing to appreciating the opportunity to learn full-time about something that interests me. Reading about law in advance is out of enjoyment and not competition or anxiety. Thanks all for your input. Please feel free to make further recommendations about helpful resources to familiarize oneself with law. Very much appreciated.
  2. I appreciate all the advice. I do hope that I'll receive some answers to my questions nonetheless. This isn't the anxiety of a soon-to-graduate college student who wants to get ahead of his peers. I know that my best learning does not happen in the classroom or through tailored and secondary notes. More importantly, my reading speed is quite slow, being a non-native English speaker and my past education having been in engineering. So this is an opportunity for me to practice reading. I will, however, remember the sentiments expressed by everyone here regarding taking advantage of this calm before the storm
  3. Hi, I'm an incoming student for the Fall 2021 intake. I'm hoping to identify some of the essential reading material for the current 1L classes such as for Torts, Contracts, etc. I'm aware of the list put up by the Assistant Dead as resource materials for first year courses. But that list seems to be one to broaden your horizon rather than the essential and the core reading materials. I'd appreciate it very much if current students or others who might know about this could share some titles as well as other resources you think can be useful. Thanks very much.
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