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  1. Thats crazy! Pretty much all of my friends have dreaded even taking 5 and always make fun of me for taking 30 credits a semester. I guess you could count your experiences with 6 and 7 per semester as practice for Law workloads? 😂
  2. You did 6 in one semester during online delivery???
  3. Ugh, that sucks. Was hoping I might be able to slip in just as we go back to campus. I hope things go well and people behave this summer in terms of COVID safety. Maybe that would change things, especially if Sask gets ahead in the vaccine phases.
  4. So far, it seems like all most students are going off of is President Stoicheff's address that he gave in early March this year. You can find it here: https://news.usask.ca/articles/general/2021/presidents-message-on-planning-for-fall-2021.php He claims that he's fairly confident that we'll have an increase in in-person learning. I hope this means grad schools and colleges such as Law or Vet, since these colleges seem to need that face-to-face environment the most. In other words, I took his address to mean that, while we might not see a 300-400 student gathering for a 100-level class, maybe there is a chance for smaller classes or colleges to return steadily? Fingers crossed! 🤞
  5. Just got an unconditional acceptance this evening! L2/B2 = 3.8/4.0 LSAT (One write) = 162 (84th percentile) Sask Connection = Born here, went to school here my entire life, family all lives here, uncle did same degree as I did, parents went to USask. Connection could only be stronger if I had family as faculty or legal practitioner. Will be accepting! Good luck to everyone else!
  6. Don't worry, mine says this as well. Originally, when I had submitted my application in November, it said it was waiting on both the 2020 and 2021 final grades. Once the Fall 2020 term was done, it updated itself to the status that we both have right now. I assume it just means that the admissions team is waiting for the final grades for this Winter term, presumably because its the last year of my degree. That being said, if you aren't in your final year like I am, then I not completely sure why it says that for us. Just wanted to at least let you know that I have the same status on my application as well so you're not alone 😁
  7. I agree with Borker; I would say your chances are pretty good, so long as the fluctuation in application volume this year doesn't change averages by much this year. I have a friend who was accepted as an indigenous applicant with a very similar LSAT and GPA score! In fact, I think your GPA was quite a bit higher. That being said, she had a relatively good Saskatchewan connection, so it's hard to tell how much that can affect your application. Either way, I wish you the best of luck!
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