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  1. Hello, I’ve been accepted to Uvic and Ualberta . I was wondering if anyone could weigh in on the ‘politics leanings’ of these campuses. I’ve been told that Uvic (which is my top choice) is fairly left leaning, and while I consider myself politically “left” I found that in my undergrad I really really didn’t enjoy it if the classes themselves had political swayings (which was rare but did occur). I know that by their nature university campuses lean left and perhaps In social circles that might come about naturally, but I don’t have any interest in it informing my in-class education. Does anyone know if what I heard of is completely unsubstantiated or not? For those reasons amongst others I’m still slightly holding on to the idea of going to Ualberta. For context, im most interested (from my very limited research and experience volunteering) in working in perhaps criminal or immigration. My pros of Ualberta are: Im from the city so cost of living/familiarity/ commuting is easy. I’ve heard good things about the program and my established social base is here. UVic is so attractive because of its small campus, nice weather, CoOp program, low ish tuition, and again the program looks very good. Any feedback (even unrelated to the political part) would be super appreciated, thank you!
  2. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone would like to share their financial experience with Uvic. I’m curious foremostly with How much debt people finished with Factoring in 1) How much money they began with 2) Living costs 3) Student loans 4) Scholarships 5) Summer work 6) Other factors. It seems like a common consensus that everyone finishes Law school with some debt- is there truth to that for Uvic? Were scholarships, for example, a major/minor relief on your wallet? We’re summer jobs (I’m assuming they probably come on a competitive basis) able to provide relief? For newcomers what are your plans for paying for tuition? Personally, If I get accepted I’m moving from Edmonton and I’m coming with enough disposable to (hopefully please god) cover my own first year living/tuition (~25000$). The remaining will most likely have to be students loans. I’d consider myself to be a bit of a frugal bitch so I’m not overly concerned about personal expenses but would ideally not like to finish with a mountain of debt. Thanks!
  3. Hello! On a forum for the 2020 Fall intake I saw a few people who received emailed offer letters with entry scholarships offered. This year it seems as though many people myself included just had their launchpad status updated. Has anyone been yet to receive an entry scholarship with their offer? Tuition is a bit of an issue for me in terms of deciding between schools so I was wondering if anyone else had experience with the timing of entry scholarships.
  4. Just got the Launchpad update! Does anyone know when entry scholarships are given out vis-a-vis when is the actual acceptance deadline? The U of A Law Admissions on Scholarship says " all students who receive an offer of admittance and accept their offer will be emailed a link to the Faculty of Law Entrance Scholarship and Bursary Application, in late June.". And of course the deadline for accepting the offer is May 1. So we wouldn't know how much scholarship money we'd be offered before deciding whether to accept or not? Is that correct or am I just screwing up dates here? L2: 3.9 LSAT: 166 Congrats to everyone who got the email today!
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