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  1. Hi! Does anyone know how universities in BC such as TRU plan on delivering in person classes when the restrictions just got much more strict? Do you think they might end up delivering them online after all?
  2. yes!! I hated the laundry when I live at McGill😫
  3. May I ask what computer screen you recommend? 😅
  4. In terms of privacy and amount of space in your room, North Tower is the best one. But, I have heard it is easier to make friends in east village because you have 3 other roommates rather than just one. I have also heard that east village is definitely better than McGill, especially since they have been renovated a bit. North Tower is the closest walk to campus but pretty far walk from the nearby grocery stores/restaurants whereas East Village is a bit more of a walk from campus (not terribly far but compared to North tower a bit of a walk) but it is super close to grocery stores/restaurants.
  5. I think you would get a spot! When I lived there during undergrad I applied around this time I believe and I got in. If you were to live on campus I recommend the North Tower residence as the other ones are kind of prisony and not the best overall tbh (speaking from experience as I lived in the McGill residence). However, the North Tower is quite pricey so I would advise living off campus somewhere close by as Kamloops is really spread out. Areas such as Sahali, Aberdeen, and Downtown are good especially if you’re using transit instead of driving. if you do live on campus I advise perhaps investing in a countertop hot plate and/or air fryer as the only kitchen appliances that are available to students are all communal and sometimes they are all occupied. if you decide to live off campus I advise starting to look and move as early as possible because the closer you get to September, the less rentals there are. Kamloops has a rental shortage due to # of out of town TRU students + pipeline workers. I don’t have experience with loans in direct relation to the law program but I have heard a lot of law students get student line of credits from Scotiabank as the student loans alone aren’t usually enough. I hope this helps!
  6. I AM CRYING 😭😭 first acceptance; accepted this morning. L2: 3.7 CGPA: 3.35 LSAT: 156 will be accepting!! I’m in shock.
  7. I’ve lived here for a while so if I also get accepted I can show you around! Besides nature things, there’s a couple of arcade places and cool boutiques downtown, a museum, an art cafe that’s pretty popular
  8. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question or if it has been asked already but I’ve seen people on here talk about how almost every law school had a lot more applicants this year compared to other years. Can anyone tell me why this may be? Is there a reason behind this? Perhaps a reason related to COVID-19? Just wondering out of curiosity!
  9. Hi! Was this for dual or for single?
  10. The wait is killing me. I’m so anxious 😭 anyone else? I emailed TRU today for some reassurance and got the most generic response ever: ”Hello, We understand that you're likely quite anxious for your application to be reviewed. Rest assured that all completed applications will be sent to the committee for review. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time. TRU Law Admissions”
  11. Hi, So I found out that TRU’s tuition is like double (if not more) compared to other schools. TRU is the only school that I have the stats for in BC but now I’m thinking about going elsewhere just because of the cost. Out of curiosity, since student loans are probably not going to cover all of the costs (tuition, living costs, etc.) how does one cover their expenses? Thanks
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