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  1. Did you omit winter 2020 from your calculation? Since you e-mailed them your rationale, I think you've done all you can for now. Wait and see how they respond.
  2. For U of A specifically? They won't bat an eye if your stats are good enough for the regular category.
  3. Would not suggest scrolling down to the comment section.
  4. Oh it's not unique for sure. I was only commenting on it relative to tuition costs. If you're asking why I brought it up at all, I was making a "there's bigger fish to fry" statement, which I admit may have been insensitive/irrelevant to the discussion at hand.
  5. The same factors would prevent many of the grinders you mentioned from moving into the 160s and 170s. I'd wager they outnumber the people who get into law school via having an aptitude for 170 with minimal study, and I certainly don't want to suggest that having a greater aptitude for the LSAT makes you more deserving of legal education than having to grind for a high score. I say this not only because of the difficulty of accessing prep, but because a low-income upbringing would likely contribute to having a lower aptitude for the skills needed to do well on the LSAT. Of course, a higher tuition makes the choice to go to law school more difficult, but as it stands, an inadequate LSAT score outright prevents it from being a choice in the first place for most schools.
  6. Student loans seem easy enough to access in Canada so I actually think LSAT is the bigger culprit for making legal education inaccessible for low-income individuals. Good luck competing with students that can afford to study full-time for months and have a few grand lying around to throw at prep courses/materials when you don't have the same privilege 🙄
  7. Ehhhh people from our year got confirmation for LSAT averaging in the summer and then the policy got changed up mid-cycle 😂
  8. I would guess yes, particularly because ppl applying to U of A won't limit their LSAT takes anymore. Just keep your head down and get the best GPA and LSAT you can. Worrying about this stuff now won't help.
  9. Being an imposter feels kinda badass if you ask me.
  10. Just wondering, is the end-game to actually get them to keep the current tuition rates? Because that doesn't seem one bit realistic given the current circumstances.
  11. Is this for law students in general or just TRU students?
  12. If I see a couple in our class, I'm just gonna assume it's you two.
  13. Meh. Aren't uninformed yet opinionated randos the precise demographic that decides 'reputation'?
  14. The rationales only exist because they can't be like "hey we're jacking up the prices cuz we need money". I wouldn't read much into them. I hear you though, as I thought the price tag was one of the school's major niche/selling points as well. Gonna be interesting to see how the school's identity/reputation shifts in the next few years, if it does at all.
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