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  1. are they waitlisting because the seats are full?
  2. I am assuming that either I am getting rejected or this is just a basic response to let us know that almost everyone should have an updated status by the end of May. I am not sure what the "likely sooner" part in the response means though.
  3. I emailed to ask by when I will most likely get a response. They responded and said "You will have an update by the end of May, though likely sooner."
  4. Same, my application status has been under review since December.
  5. it was on RAMSS I was involved in two school school clubs; vice president of one. I had two jobs throughout my undergrad one job was with a law firm (started this one last year). For two years I volunteered at my local hospital and last year at Access Probono. they indicated in the letter that they had way more applications this year than they predicted. LOR: I had submitted three to OLSAS two were from my Professors and one from my boss
  6. The letter was dated March 8. cgpa: 3.4 B20: 3.9 lsat: 160 (Jan) 158 (Nov)
  7. My L2 is 3.46 and LSAT score is 158. I volunteered at Access Probono and worked at a law firm!
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