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  1. They are making an official announcement in May.
  2. The deadline for some people to submit their seat despot is March 31st. They may also be waiting to see who accepts or not.
  3. I have heard a rumour from other staff that classes will be in person. I find this a little hard to believe though. The university is making an official announcement in May.
  4. I think many people do so as a safety school. Nonetheless, I share your frustration.
  5. It appears that many of the people being accepted are deciding to go elsewhere. How many people are still waiting to hear from the U of S that would accept the offer?
  6. Me too, it's awful. Hopefully those who are considering other offers hear back soon.
  7. I've never heard of an index score for the u of s, so I am going to say no.
  8. I uploaded mine on Friday night with no issue. I wold just keep trying and if you can't by tomorrow, contact the admissions office.
  9. I wonder if they are waiting because there are fewer applicant? Or maybe delays from covid?
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