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  1. Beyond excited to be posting here, accepted yesterday via email! cGPA: 3.42 L2/B2: 3.83 LSAT: 159 Applied access I will most likely be accepting, best of luck to anyone still waiting! 😊
  2. Now that rejections are coming out, no news is good news! More spots will open up after the April 1st deadline on many of the offers
  3. I got accepted mid-February with a 3.42 OLSAS cGPA (albeit a 3.83 L2) and a 159 LSAT, applied special circumstances!
  4. Some schools accept February LSAT scores, and may have been waiting on those before releasing more acceptances. I’m thinking we’ll see more movement next week. There will definitely be movement for the Ontario schools early April, once more people have provisionally accepted offers.
  5. Did you apply to uOttawa? They’re known to be great for IP.
  6. Did you apply access? 158 with a 3.5 L2 is not bad at all, especially given the challenges you faced. You also have an upward trend, which schools like to see. If you didn’t give a reason for the low marks in your first two years, however, your chances might be lower. I definitely think you have a chance though.
  7. From what I’ve heard, there’s a ton of options for leases with a September-start in the Sandy Hill area
  8. I got my call around that time as well, it was a 3L representative asking if I had questions about the program!
  9. Following because I’m in the same situation!
  10. Accepted Saturday, notified via email! Applied special circumstances category. cGPA: 3.42 L2: 3.83 LSAT: 159 Lots of ECs and leadership roles My first acceptance and I’m so thrilled! Good luck to everyone waiting ❤️
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