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  1. It's certainly... interesting to note how UBC profs and faculty members seem to be rallying in support of the snitch coalition. Yikes. I don't know about them, but when I hear about a group of students obsessively compiling dirt on their classmates and trying to snobbishly take the moral high ground (whilst really doing this to knock out their competition during 2L recruitment), I get a slimy, nasty feeling. How can these guys unironically support mob so-called justice? Lol.
  2. Not to add more fuel to the fire but the Ubyssey Facebook page posted this article and there's a literal prof (he teaches anthropology and sociology) in the comment section expressing his sympathy for the students who made the spreadsheet...
  3. Lol you're at Allard rn, right? Just to get a general idea of how big of a scale this thing was operating on, did this incident involve only a few "jackasses" or was this like a massive operation going on with half of the 2Ls (and some 1Ls) pettily trying to screw over their peers' careers? Also, what's the general attitude of people at Allard like towards what happened? I shudder at the possibility that a majority of the class could be okay with this backstabbing behavior (and even defend it)... Is this considered normal at Allard!?
  4. I can't be the only one feeling bothered by this. Of course I think that it's important to follow the health guidelines, but this whole affair just seems vindictive on the part of the people who went through the effort of compiling the spreadsheet. The article even states that several 1Ls were involved specifically "with the aim of disrupting of 2L recruitment" (so don't even try to claim that this was about concern for public health or whatnot).
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