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  1. Increasing the supply of lawyers in Ontario - although potentially resulting in a reduction in the cost of litigation for claims due to the increased competition in the market, might now incentivize more people to file legal cases in the first place. With this in mind, there could be a return to the original level of market demand seen prior to the increased number of lawyers in the job market. Just some food for thought.
  2. Oh boy.... do I ever. Stay clear from anything managed by Cromwell Group. I've lived at 666 Spadina Ave and let's just say the address number lives up to its name 😅 Your best bet is to find something on ViewIt.com or a facebook related sublet if you're looking to live in Toronto only during the school year. Good luck!
  3. That is something I look forward to never having to do again^^ - spending days working on problem sets that make no more sense the first time reading compared to the 100th is much too frustrating.
  4. Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone could give their own experience as a stem student entering law school or possible advice that would have been useful to know. When I began my undergrad, I did not know that law school would be the path I wanted to follow after university and hence, decided to study mathematics since it was what I enjoyed doing. Although I sometimes regret this decision based on the low grades I achieved as a result (especially in my first two years) compared to other programs, I would like to put my best foot forward next year and be the most prepared I can be. Any comments/advice regarding the transition that people had would be appreciated - thanks!
  5. Hey! Just a quick question that might be dumb regarding provisional acceptances here. I have provisionally accepted my offer on OUAC however, where do I submit the $500 deposit? I was under the impression that the deposit would be paid through OUAC but it did not direct me to a place of payment. Do I need to pay the deposit before April 1st through the schools website? Any help here is appreciated!
  6. Got the email this afternoon! cGPA: 3.3, L2: 3.8, LSAT:166 Good luck to everyone waiting!
  7. Facebook groups like Ryerson or U of T Off Campus housing are definitely your best bet. Most students moving back home during the summer months sublet their apartments downtown for the summer so you can usually get a pretty good deal (especially currently).
  8. 4th year undergrad here! Just wondering how my L2 would be calculated if I am currently completing my undergrad. Would this include my Fall 2020 grades until my second semester of 2nd year grades or is it based on last x number of credits? Thanks in advance!
  9. Do they typically go by alphabetical order?
  10. Got the email this morning! Accepted to the JD program. LSAT: 166, cGPA: 3.3, L2: 3.8 Good luck to all!
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