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  1. I'd like to live and practise in BC after graduation, so I'm planning to apply to the BC law schools - UBC, UVic, and TRU. I'm considering applying to schools in Alberta as well (U of A or U of C). I've not heard about WES before, thank you for letting me know about it!
  2. I am currently a student in the UBC-Sciences Po Dual Degree program. I spent the first two years of my degree at Sciences Po Paris and am concluding my final two years at UBC. At the end, I will graduate with two BAs (one from each university). Does anyone have experience with navigating law school applications with a dual bachelor's degree, especially if one of the institutions you studied at was foreign? In particular, I anticipate that a major challenge would lie in the calculation of my GPA over the course of my studies given half of my grades will be in terms of French grading standards and the other half in terms of UBC's grading standards, if an overall calculation can even be made. I am also unsure as to how drops would be calculated in my case. Explaining the dual degree program and why my transcripts look the way they do is probably going to be another obstacle seeing as the program is relatively small and unknown, but I anticipate that I would have the space to do this in my personal statement. I'm not sure if I'd need to provide any corroborating information besides that, however. Thank you in advance for your help.
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