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  1. losing my mind, my gpa went up 0.02 with the updated semester but still no word from O town felt pretty strong about my stats but I'm seeing the exact same stats in reject list... thought April 1st would be the end all be all; but, im still under evaluation, any thoughts on a timeline (maybe its my hubris but thought id be in by now 🥶) or is this year just truly "UnPreCeDENted"
  2. idk how much time you have to study etc but I found that I did around 2 tests a week, with studying my weaker areas in-between, for a month and that brought me up to scores ranging from 157-162. I ended up with a 158. I also don't know if you're willingly to travel; but, I know that in the united states there are many law schools you could get in to. If your able to get a 156 or above there are schools who will give you scholarships. I've gotten one rejection, and no other news from Ontario schools; but, a handful of full scholarships to United States schools. I agree with you though, if you pay money to get reviewed there should be some discourse and explanation. Ryerson's message for me was just letting me know they definitely saw my application, but that there were a lot of applications, pretty sure its also just a copypasta. Not particularly insightful for doing better next year
  3. Starting to freak out aswell lol, was feeling good until the reject thread popped up I don't really get the process behind this all, seeing people rejected with higher stats than accepted!? Now I'm worried, if someone has higher than average stats should they not be at least waitlisted , and what does that say about people with the stats that they outline on their website i.e above 80% average and above 157 lsat The whole process just seems so random, might be preaching to the choir; but, anyone have any insights
  4. Rejected Today, States Wednesday but received today. CGPA: 3.63 B20: 3.80 or something LSAT: 158 Personal Statement probably wasn't the best, Think I nailed the interview though Worked for a Lawyer and a Professor at my school Good luck to those still waiting
  5. Your L2 is really good, and 160 is a pretty good score as well. Someone was already accepted with very similar stats: Accepted! cGPA 3.67 L2: 4.00 LSAT 158 I'm not a calculator or some knowledge person but I'd say you've got a strong shot I too am stressed; however, don't let it get to you as it is not too late as far as I know. April is when it gets a little iffy. Just do your best to keep yourself grounded. It's good to have a backup plan, paralegal diploma is my route. I think you'll get in; but, if you don't I'm archetypically proud of you as I have similar stats and know that its a grind. Good luck, and take it easy.
  6. cgpa 3.61 LSAT: 158, working for a lawyer currently, and a professor at my school. Seeing a lot of people have gotten waitlisted with similar stats. Between Ryerson and uOttawa. A tad nervous.
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