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  1. Interesting - I had heard, rightly or wrongly, that UNB would be a "shoo-in" (as much as these can be) for folks with military experience. Congrats on TRU though!
  2. Yep, and that's why 170 is like 95th percentile. Despite what the LSAT subreddit says (and it's been crazier over the last few months since I've regularly checked), it is NOT a common score.
  3. I'm totally stealing that line.
  4. Not OP, but I'm hoping so too. I'm a slightly lower cGPA, taking LSAT in June but PT-ing avg 160, and 20 years in the CAF (about 10 years in some sort of leadership role). I'm reading this with interest since I thought OP would be a shoo-in as well.
  5. Laughs in Winnipeg Cries in Winnipeg Tears freeze to face in Winnipeg
  6. Good to know. Fellow Mustang grad (from early 2000s) and my 1st and 2nd choices would be Ottawa and UWO.
  7. Wow, I'm surprised that the 173 wasn't a guaranteed acceptance. Did you apply/get accepted to anywhere else?
  8. Did you apply General or discretionary (mature, etc.)?
  9. I'm not a student but I live pretty close to UOttawa. Sandy Hill is the closest neighbourhood to campus, but if you're ok with walking ~30mins to school, that opens up a lot more areas. Byward Market, Centretown, Lowertown, etc. Market and Lowertown are right downtown, while Centretown is just far enough that it doesn't seem "downtown" but is walkable to it. As @Luckycharmsuggests, visit UOttawa first and check out the neighbourhoods around it. Ottawa isn't a dangerous city at all, but there are parts (some close to campus) that are a little rougher.
  10. Sort of a tangential question, but with more (presumably General category) applicants, would schools then push out the Mature/Access, etc ones? For example, if a school had 1000 total spots and of that, 100 were for Mature/Access/etc, if they had more General applicants would they potentially cut into that 100 to allow more General category candidates? (Asking bc I'd be applying as Mature next cycle)
  11. The extra section is just used to test new questions. However, you don't know which one is marked - you just see a repeated section.
  12. Fair enough, but isn't the whole point of the mature category that our life (non-academic) experience counts for something and can offset crappy marks 20 years ago?
  13. If other threads tell me anything, your 173 will pretty much get you into law school, mature or not.
  14. This may be a dummy question, but as a mature applicant for the 2022 cycle with an interesting/unique job, would that offset a crap 20-year old cGPA and an LSAT in the high 150s? Obviously no one knows for sure, but in general would that combo be more attractive to a law school than someone fresh out of undergrad with a high cGPA and/or high LSAT?
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