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  1. Sort of a dumb question, but do Letters of Reference need to be personalized per school or can there be 1 sent to multiple schools?
  2. Oh interesting. I'm doing the 7sage curriculum and the PTs go sequentially on my study schedule. Maybe I'll mix them up as suggested.
  3. Oh, ok. I misunderstood what you meant for the "6 years employment". I was thinking HS -> work 6 years -> Undergrad.
  4. A bit a of a tangent, but I'm confused at how schools count "mature" students. If OP has 6 years of work experience and assuming they went to school afterwards, wouldn't that make them a mature student for their undergrad? However, since they had full-time schooling within the past 5 years, they're no longer "mature" for law school?
  5. What's the general cGPA range for those folks? I don't suppose mature applicants would have a much lower cGPA requirement.
  6. In the 7sage discussion forums, someone said that the later PTs (generally 50+) are tougher. I was wondering if I should concentrate on the later PTs first, and then go back to earlier ones?
  7. That leads me to a good question - would the admissions folks look at *why* you had such a split in marks? In my case, my worst marks (Cs) were in economics while I had Bs and As (A+ in 4th year) in my History courses. I get that numbers/money probably wasn't my specialty in undergrad (ironic since I work with numbers now) but I did better than most in courses that were essay-based. But, because I did a BComm, a I had a lot of econ courses that dragged everything down.
  8. Thanks for the advice and pep talk!
  9. Thanks for the advice! I was doing ok on the early sets until the harder ones, and I'm a completionist so I feel super weird about not finishing something on the schedule. I get the 3 "dot" question difficulty ones most of the time, the 4-dot ones frequently, but the 5-dot is straight up guessing.
  10. I created my study schedule and for an Aug 2021 LSAT, it's suggesting 34 hours/wk. There is no way I can carve out that with my FT job and life. Is there a more reasonable schedule (say 8-10 hours a week, maybe 12?)
  11. Here it is: I used the old one because the new one didn't go back past 2001 (not that I think it really matters now) but the new one would work as well. https://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/CGPA
  12. Awesome, will do. I too am looking for Ottawa or at least close-ish to the area. Partner is doing their 2nd degree soon and they've been around the country (and around the world) following me for many years since I'm in the military, so it'd be nice to actually be somewhere more than 3-4 years. I also get conflicting info from folks about how my military service would affect a law school application. Some on this forum say it'll help stand out, but others I've talked to (not on this forum) say it's no different than other mature applicants. Thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the reply. I plugged everything into the calculator helpfully provided by one of the posts here, and here's what I got. Not great, but here it is: Cumulative GPA (CGPA): 2.93 Last two years (L2): 3.16 Last three years (L3): 2.94 Best two years (B2): 3.20 Best three years (B3): 3.08
  14. Sorry for the necropost, but I was wondering if I still fit in the "mature" definition for UOttawa: I did my BA 20 years ago, but I took one MPA course last year (but did not continue the program afterwards). Also, does mature category mean they will look less at your LSAT, or just less at your cGPA?
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