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  1. In queue since Dec 17 LSAT: 164 CGPA: 3.79 (OLSAS)
  2. Sorry about that, was not aware that yield protection is not practiced in Canada.
  3. Wow, congratulations! Would you mind me asking when you were notified?
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking. No way it could be anything else. Good luck with your other applications, @somedaylawyer! Consider applying to Yale/Harvard
  5. Hopefully! Yeah, the waiting period is a stressful time for all of us 😓
  6. Average PS and letters of recommendation. B2 level French. I'm getting nervous after not hearing back from McGill or Osgoode for so long. I wrote my LSAT in August 2020 and it is my only attempt. Regarding my GPA, I have one "Pass-Fail" course on my transcript. I have strong EC (not much work experience but a lot of leadership and mock trial stuff). Please let me know what you think!
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