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  1. Thank you for your advise! I like your realistic thoughts but it is so hard to refuse Bond as they have elective courses to help passing NCA exams. Is it that hard to land with a lawyer job after Bond?
  2. I don’t have any previous business experience. I thought Bond JD won’t get me into any big firm, the only option left would be go solo.
  3. Thank you for your comment! I didn’t mean I’m someone not going to put my effort toward my degree. As a mom of three, I haven’t been working for the past ten years, I feel terrible about myself and not feeling as confident. I see having a JD degree will lead me to a career path and I can go back to the work force and feel the true self again.
  4. I wonder have you started your remote learning? How did it go? I’m expecting to start Bond September 2021
  5. Hello everyone! I recently got my JD offer from Bond but not sure whether I should go. I had my undergrad from U of T with C+ CGPA 10 years ago and no LSAT score. I understand I have zero chance for any Canadian law school so I applied Bond. My goal is to get my JD and come back Ontario to open a private practice doing some real estate transactions or immigration stuff. I don’t have any intention to work in a big law firm because it is just not my life style. I’m a mature student with family and kids, I’m not hungry for money, all I want is to have a JD or lawyer title and have a good balance between work and life. Is going to Bond a realistic option for my circumstance? Will the degree lead me to where I want? I’m not strong in academic will I survive Bond, NCA exam, and Bar exam? Any thoughts will be appreciated!
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